Fresh cherry exports during 2023: Latin America once again leads with its shipments

Fresh cherry exports during 2023: Latin America once again leads with its shipments

Latin America, Europe and Near East are the main exporting regions
  • This was detailed in the latest report published by the market consulting firm iQonsulting, dedicated to the analysis of the industry worldwide.

Once again, Latin America continues to consolidate itself as the main exporting region of fresh cherries worldwide. As detailed in the “2024 Cherry Yearbook”, the region exported 380 thousand tons (53%), followed by Europe, which recorded 121 thousand tons (17%) sent to different countries, including those on the same continent. 

In this scenario, it is Chile the country that leds shipments, representing 99% of Latin America’s exports, with China being its main market. 

On the other hand, Europe was the second region with the most exports during the season, with Spain and Greece being the main suppliers with 28 and 21% respectively. 

The ranking continues with the Near East, also with 121 thousand tons, although with an FOB value of 260 million dollars (compared to 480 million dollars in Europe), and North America with 90 thousand tons exported. 

Market details in Latin America


Some keys to this season’s success had to do with export channels. In Chile particularly, air shipments increased by 4% compared to the previous season, while the initial arrival of the fruit at the Shanghai airport occurred in week 41, an appropriate arrival date that contributed to the good sales of the production. Some keys to this season’s success had to do with the Guangzhou and Shenzhen routes, they were the other two cities that received the most fruit from that country by air.

Chilean maritime exports, meanwhile, occurred during week 48, and increased by 3% compared to the previous year. Here, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Nansha were the main receiving cities.


Regarding shipments from Argentina, the trans-Andean country also had a season of excellence, as its exports increased by 50% compared to the previous season, reaching a total of 7,210 tons shipped, of which 2,382 arrived in the United States.

Another market that the South American country targeted was the Far East. Shipments to this region increased by 35% and totaled 2,354 tons. Finally, in Europe, the participation of Argentine cherries also excelled, with a total of 1,680 tons, which represents 23% of shipments, and an increase of 65% compared to the previous campaign.

In this way, Latin America continues to position itself as the undisputed leader of this coveted seasonal fruit.

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Source: iQonsulting

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