A sweet return: California’s cherry harvest back on track for 2024

A sweet return: California’s cherry harvest back on track for 2024

Thanks to better weather conditions

Better wind, rain conditions this past season credited for more timely, bountiful crop predicted than in 2023.

Farmers are telling the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association that California’s sweet cherries are arriving right on schedule. Last year they had to be harvested two to three weeks late because of the heavy rain and wind we received.

The farmers say plenty of rain and sun have been mixed together, along with dry days interspersed with wet ones to let the trees produce loads of fruit. Missy Gotelli, of Gotelli Farms, said the crop looked like it would arrive the first week in May, right on time, and that the trees look good and heavy with blossoms and fruit.

“Can’t wait for cherry season!” she says. “It’s like our annual reunion at the farmers markets — catching up with familiar faces, sharing stories, and of course, seeing everyone’s face light up when they see Gotelli Farms cherries!”

Another cherry grower, Guy Allard, of Allard Farms, was looking forward to beginning his harvest at the end of April.

“The crop looks good — decent yield and larger fruit,” Allard said recently, adding that ground water has been better, giving tree roots a chance to grow deeper.

His Westley farm just southeast of the Bay Area in Stanislaus County is about 100 acres. Since 1909 they’ve been farming a variety of fruit and nut crops. His Champagne, Brooks, and Coral varieties were expected to arrive at the markets first.

Harvesting a good crop of cherries depends on many factors, from good soil and care to rain and sunshine. This year looks like it will be a good one, thanks to Mother Nature’s cooperation. Cherry farmers are ready for another season with the best fruit they can grow.

Stop by your East Bay farmers’ market this May and June and enjoy some of California’s best sweet cherries, including varieties from Stockton’s aforementioned Gotelli Farms, Hughson’s J&J Ramos Farms and Hollister’s Diaz Farm.

Debra Morris is a promotions coordinator for the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association. Contact her at debramorris@pcfma.org.

Via: East Bay Times

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