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National Cherry Festival


National Cherry Festival

June 29 - July 6

The countdown to the National Cherry Festival begins 🍒 

There are still more than 200 days left, but the State of Michigan is already beginning to prepare its famous National Cherry Festival. Like every year, the meeting will bring together hundreds of people, producers, specialists and cherry lovers to commemorate a new edition of the renowned festival, in the city of Traverse, Michigan. This time, the appointment is scheduled from June 29 to June 6, 2024.

As is tradition, various activities for the whole family will be included, from parades, art competitions, stories about cherries and awards, among others. In addition, there is open space for those who wish to do their internship helping in the organization. To apply, you must meet a series of requirements that can be found on the website.

The National Cherry Festival is one of the most iconic events in the United States. Its first editions date back to 1910, when local producers gathered to celebrate the blossoming of the cherry. Already in the late 1960s, this became a meeting of a full week, which continues to this day.

Ticket sales are coming
On the official event page, you can find information related to the different activities, accommodations, prices and more, and ticket availability is expected to begin soon.

And you, are you going to miss it? More information here. 🍒 sti

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