Market Analysis: Export and Import of Fresh Cherries in the United States during 2024

Market Analysis: Export and Import of Fresh Cherries in the United States during 2024

Source: iQonsulting

According to the latest figures provided by the annual report prepared by iQonsulting, a Market Consulting firm focused on industry analysis, North America was the fourth region with the highest exports of fresh cherries to the global market during the year 2024, with 90 thousand tons, equivalent to 510 million USD FOB.

Of course, in this region, the United States is a predominant market, one of the leading countries in the production of sweet cherries, and while its market is mainly internal, its international supply increases season after season.


On the other hand, imports of this fruit received by this country also reached valuable figures, although with a 24% decrease compared to the previous year. Thus, during the 2023/24 season, the USA received a total of 16,277 tons from the southern cone, equivalent to 3.2 million boxes of 5 kilograms.

Regarding imports, Chile was the largest supplier from the southern hemisphere of fresh cherries in the United States, with 2.8 million boxes, also with a 22% decrease for said country.

Peak Weeks

Arrivals in the USA peaked in weeks 1 and 2, with 485 thousand boxes of 5 KG (week 1), equivalent to 2,427 tons, and 500 thousand boxes, also of 5 KG (week 2), equivalent to 2,500 tons.

As for prices, Chilean fruit reached an average of 11.4 USD/Kg in the market. The maximum observed price occurred at the beginning of the season during weeks 46 and 47 with a value of 17.5 USD/Kg.

Argentina, on the other hand, another market that is making its way strongly in the USA, with 2,301 tons shipped during the past season, obtained an average price of 10.9 USD/Kg, registering a maximum of 13.1 USD/Kg, this during week 49.

In the case of both suppliers, prices remained slightly higher than the previous campaign, where prices averaged around 9.7 USD/Kg.

Check more data on exports and imports of fresh cherries in the yearbook prepared by iQonsulting.

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