The III edition of the International Early Fresh Cherry Seminar of Mendoza concluded successfully

The III edition of the International Early Fresh Cherry Seminar of Mendoza concluded successfully

New technologies and innovation were the central focus.

Today, after two days filled with learning, the III edition of the Mendoza Early Fresh Cherry Seminar in Argentina concluded. The event started yesterday with presentations from prominent industry specialists at the TIC Park facilities of the University of Cuyo, attended by over 150 people.

Facundo Quirós

Facundo Quirós, manager of the Mendoza Cherry Chamber, emphasized the seminar’s importance in keeping producers, marketers, and local packers constantly updated. “The main focus of the event was on the latest trends in varieties, plant materials, and technological packages to enhance the quality of cherries, especially the earliest ones harvested in Mendoza starting from October 20th.”

Quirós also highlighted that the last season set a record with a production of 7 thousand tons, of which 12% was allocated for export, while the rest was distributed in the domestic market, both fresh and for processing. He also underscored the joint effort to improve cherry quality in line with international demands.

The seminar was a fundamental learning space for all stakeholders involved in the early cherry production chain, focusing on an industry aiming for greater technological advancement, management, and innovation to deliver optimal quality to markets.

Lucas Ferrada

Meanwhile, the second day took place in the town of Luján de Cuyo, specifically on a farm divided into two orchards, San Andrés and Don José, where a “field day” was held. Lucas Ferrada, a specialist advisor in plant nutrition and soil management, conducted the analysis of 4 soil pits, 2 from each orchard. Ferrada shared his knowledge and experience with attendees, providing valuable tips for optimizing cherry production.

“It has been a very nice seminar, which has brought together many people, a large gathering, and I think that a series of very important topics for cherry producers in Mendoza have been addressed, as we have been able to converse a lot with them and, in addition, we have reached several conclusions that will undoubtedly be a great contribution to their future production,” the soil specialist stated.

Pablo Manitas

Pablo Manita, manager and administrator of the San Andrés and San Juan orchards in Luján de Cuyo, expressed his enthusiasm for such events. “Being part of this is spectacular,” Manita affirmed. He also emphasized the importance of exchanging ideas between producers and professionals from other sectors, such as Chile, asserting that “for us, it is very important because it is a moment that helps us to exchange ideas and, above all, listen to the contributions that professionals from other sectors, such as Chile, may have, who are much more advanced than us in the production of early fruit, which is what we are aspiring to at this time.”

Alejandro Zimmermann

Finally, Alejandro Zimmermann, president of the Argentine Chamber of Integrated Cherry Producers (CAPCI), congratulated the Mendoza Cherry Chamber for the success of this third version of the seminar. He also highlighted the constant growth and innovation in the cherry industry and production. “All that innovation, products, and ways of working the orchards are shared in these instances,” commented Zimmermann, emphasizing the importance of these meetings for the development of new projects and the pursuit of “premium” quality in products destined for markets.

With these contributions and the enthusiasm of the participants, the International Early Fresh Cherry Seminar of Mendoza continues to consolidate itself as a fundamental space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the cherry industry, new ideas, and the introduction of technologies and new products to enhance crop quality.


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