Cherry boom! Chinese celebrated the New Year with this delicious fruit and gifts full of red color

Cherry boom! Chinese celebrated the New Year with this delicious fruit and gifts full of red color

A journey to the heart of this unique celebration...

In this new episode of Smartcherry TV, titled Chinese New Year, we experience this important tradition up close and its protagonists told us why the cherry is so important.

“Regarding the cherry, why is it so important in China? As a Chinese I would like to say something, as we know, cherries in China are a very expensive luxury since we were children, because here we also have cherries but not in the winter season, usually in June, July, in the north of the country,” said Max Nie, one of the protagonists of the recent episode of Smartcherry TV, which focused on the Chinese New Year.

The story showed in detail the traditions of the Chinese for this important holiday, which causes one of the largest human migratory movements on the planet; Furthermore, through testimonies from Chileans who are currently or residing in China, it was possible to learn about the celebration up close and understand why Chilean cherries are the protagonists.

“We have always liked the cherry because it is very tasty and nutritional, we especially like the shape and color, because as you know, during New Year’s everyone likes the color red, it is placed on the door of the house as a decoration and also during winter we don’t have so much fruit, only apples and pears, that type of fruit, not so elegant, nor expensive… but the Chilean cherry arrives and we really like it, one, because it is during the Chinese New Year; two, for the color; three, because it is tasty and affordable; and also now, because of a technique in China that allows us to have some local cherry in the winter, but it is too expensive because here it grows mainly in June and July and if you grow it during winter, you need to keep it in a warm place and that It entails high electricity costs, so it is very expensive, but thanks to the Chilean cherry everything is more affordable,” added Max Nie.

Chileans in China

Nicolás Zamorano, Asia Manager of QCFruit, and Freddy Torres, Agricultural Engineer and student of a master’s degree in ecology in China, provided important data on this festival; from how the fruit markets move, the prices of cherries before and after the Chinese New Year, to the typical food and traditions of the holiday.

In addition, the founder and director of iQonsulting, Isabel Quiroz, provided an accurate view of the Chinese market, the main destination for our cherry, and emphasized the need to activate marketing efforts after the Chinese New Year.

Claudia Soler, Executive Director of the Chilean Fruit Cherry Committee, also participated in this report, as well as Patricio Toro, General Manager of XSur; and the analyst Gonzalo Salinas.

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