Three sweet cherry trees to plant in Michigan

Three sweet cherry trees to plant in Michigan

best cherry trees to plant in Michigan
The state has a unique weather
best cherry trees to plant in Michigan

Michigan is recognized in the United States and the world for its large annual production of cherries. This popular fruit is harvested every year in the state to be exported abroad and also for domestic consumption, making this fruit one of the most popular. 

But, with its good and more difficult side, the truth is that the cherry is a fruit whose tree requires highly delicate conditions for its optimal flowering and for the development of a product of good color, size and, of course, flavor. These are perhaps the main characteristics that consumers and buyers take into account.

Being one of the coldest cities in the country but also with very distinct seasons, humidity and specific hours of sunshine, it is not surprising that there are certain varieties that adapt better to the area.

The best cherry trees to plant in Michigan

  1. Santina

One of the main varieties of cherries. Its large fruit, its dark color and its sweet flavor make this variety one of the most recognized. Furthermore, one of its most appreciated characteristics is its greater resistance to cracking, something that usually worries producers. Santina is also known for being an early variety, an extra point for exporters and the market.

  1. Stella

These cherries are usually medium to large in size and their heart or round shape makes them very recognizable, as well as their dark skin when they are at their ripest point. Due to its distinctive sweet flavor with a touch of acidity, it is usually one of the favorites to eat as fresh fruit, and they are self-fertile.

  1. Royal Ann

Its color does not go unnoticed. With more yellow tones, reaching light red, it has a firm and very juicy texture, perfect for fans of fresh cherries and for making preserves or desserts. Like the Stella variety, it is characterized by its shape and its sweet flavor with a slight acid touch. The freezing temperatures of Michigan are ideal for this variety, as it is cold resistant.

These cherries typically have a Michigan due to a good crop in Michigan thanks to their hardiness, disease resistance, and their ability to thrive in the region’s specific growing conditions. To grow cherries in Michigan it is important to take into account the unique conditions of the state and its various areas: cold hardiness, weather adaptability, disease resistance and pollination may be vital to a successful harvest. 

Source: Bright Lane Gardens


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