“The price of Dalian cherries has dropped rapidly”

“The price of Dalian cherries has dropped rapidly”

Prices began declining in early March

Cherries cultivated in Dalian, China made their debut on the market before the Chinese New Year in February, reaching a peak price of ¥400-600/kg. However, market performance dwindled, and prices began declining in early March, earlier than in previous years, according to Mr. Li from Dalian Nongfutong Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative.

“Due to adverse weather conditions, Dalian’s cherry production decreased by approximately 30% this season. Although the fruit quality and taste remain excellent, the overall size is smaller. By March, the initial market price of cherries had dropped from ¥400-600/kg to over ¥200/kg. Subsequently, the decline accelerated, plummeting by 50% from March 23 to 25, with the current origin price hovering around ¥80-100/kg.”

Mr. Li attributed part of the decline to the extended production season of Chilean cherries, with better later performance impacting domestic cherries. However, he emphasized that the primary reason lies in the sluggish consumption environment.

“It’s anticipated that cherry prices will continue to decline, possibly reaching ¥60/kg, at which point sales could see a significant improvement. Dalian cherries boast high quality and market popularity. Traditionally, prices only dropped after the Qingming Festival in April, but this year witnessed an earlier reduction.”

Nectarines grown in Dalian greenhouses are also available on the market, experiencing a similar situation to cherries. “Dalian nectarine production has also decreased by approximately 30% this year. Although currently in the early stages of the production season, limited supply hinders price increases, resulting in sales nearly half as slow as previous years.”

“However, in the past couple of days, nectarine performance has slightly improved, with prices rising and sales increasing. This improvement may be attributed to the unexpected inferior taste of imported nectarines.”

Nongfutong Cooperative primarily specializes in the cultivation and distribution of Dalian cherries, nectarines, and plums. Their sales channels encompass wholesale markets, supermarkets, and e-commerce platforms.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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