Cutting-edge greenhouses drive thriving cherry harvest in Yantai

Cutting-edge greenhouses drive thriving cherry harvest in Yantai

Better cultivation and fruit quality

Amidst the vibrant cherry blossoms heralding the arrival of spring, Shanzhaolijia village in Yantai, located in East China’s Shandong province, is abuzz with activity as local cherry growers gear up for an anticipated bountiful harvest.

Wang Weizhi, proprietor of a cluster of 12 state-of-the-art greenhouses, highlights how cherry cultivation has significantly boosted the income of farmers in the region. Producing cherries measuring over 32mm in diameter, they fetch a premium price of 220 yuan ($30.58) per pound.

Attributing their success to advanced agricultural techniques, Wang underscores the meticulous control of temperature, humidity, and light within the greenhouses. As he explained to the local outlet China Daily, “we’ve tailored the optimal growing conditions for our cherry trees,” Wang explains. “Maintaining a ‘golden 13°C’ temperature differential enhances the sweetness of the cherries, with sugar levels averaging between 24 to 25 percent and peaking at 29 percent.”

Emphasizing their commitment to quality, Wang mentions the exclusive use of organic, high-quality fertilizers, ensuring that the cherries boast exceptional taste and nutritional value.

The greenhouses are categorized into “cold” and “warm” variants, each offering distinct advantages based on their location and natural light exposure. Cherries cultivated in “warm” greenhouses hit the market in early April, while those in “cold” greenhouses undergo tailored ripening processes to meet market demands.

Wang has introduced a novel cherry tree variety known as “one stick” to his repertoire, characterized by its compact fruiting branches, which accelerate the productive phase without compromising fruit quality.

Positioned at the forefront of rural revitalization, Wang Weizhi and fellow local fruit farmers are poised to further scale up production, enhance product quality, and elevate brand visibility, marking a new chapter in their agricultural journey.

Source: China Daily

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