Export terminals: A key piece to guarantee quality in the cold chain

Export terminals: A key piece to guarantee quality in the cold chain

At xpd global Fresh, we understand the importance of operating accurately in the perishable supply chain.

For the correct transport of food products with controlled temperatures, it is essential to have allies in the export terminals, specific spaces managed by professionals specialized in receiving the different types of food and reviewing the necessary parameters for their best conservation –between a couple of hours to entire days – before its departure to the next destination.

In this article we explain how the terminals contribute to the export of cherries in excellent conditions.

Efficiency at each stage

To ensure efficiency and precision in the transportation of perishable products, at xpd global Fresh we oversee a number of crucial functions being carried out within the terminals. Thus, we ensure that our promise of delivering cargo on time and fresh is fulfilled.

  • Truck unloading. The terminals receive trucks loaded with fresh cherries and handle the initial unloading.
  • Storage and classification. The cherries must be taken to temperature-controlled warehouses and classified according to their destination and the airline that will transport them.
  • Cargo security. Procedures are inspected to ensure the safety of the cargo and its arrival in perfect condition at its destination.
  • Suitability for air transport. The terminals are responsible for preparing cargo to be transported on airplanes, ensuring that it meets quality and safety standards.
  • Efficient services. The automation of processes speeds up the unloading and weighing of cargo, allowing us to comply with the itineraries established by the airlines and deliver both cargo and documentation in optimal conditions.
  • Temperature control. The terminals have cold chambers that maintain specific temperatures (between -2 and 8 degrees Celsius) to guarantee the quality of cherries.

Precise coordination and exclusive platform

A notable feature is that we have the capacity to coordinate the simultaneous unloading of up to 15 trucks. A fast and efficient cross-docking process, with controlled waiting times, is the key to keeping everything running.

Additionally, xpd global Fresh benefits from having an exclusive platform for operations, for example at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (AMB – IATA: SCL) in Chile. This advantage facilitates close coordination with terminals, simplifying the identification and labeling of each shipment, especially to destinations such as China and the Far East during cherry season.

Our capabilities allow us to provide an extremely fast and efficient service to meet our delivery commitments.

xpd global, your strategic ally in the transportation of cherries

In this article, we learned how export terminals are essential in the exciting journey of cherry export.

At xpd global Fresh we have strategic allies to provide services appropriate to the needs of perishable exporters, guaranteeing that your cargo of cherries is transported safely and without problems.

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