Cherry tree care: recommendations against high temperatures

Cherry tree care: recommendations against high temperatures

Irrigation and shading techniques, some of the points to consider
Cherry tree care: recommendations against high temperatures

Unusual weather has affected different countries with rains that have had an impact on the damage of cherry trees and the concern of producers.

Now, as expected at this time in the hemisphere, temperatures are beginning to rise and experts predict a much more extreme summer than normal. Faced with this, it is worth asking: how to take care of our cherry trees from heat waves?

Patricio González, Agroclimatologist at the University of Talca in Chile, spoke with Smartcherry about some recommendations to keep in mind.

Stay aware!

The first thing, as the expert explains, is to be attentive to irrigation and water stress, since these heats directly affect water consumption. On the other hand, regarding the impact on the fruits, temperatures that exceed 35° can affect the crop by dehydrating it or causing some type of burn, in that sense. Having a shading tactic is essential.

As for orchards of early varieties that have already finished their harvest stage, the necessary measures must be taken into account for the next process -post-harvest-, where the application of sunscreens, for example, is recommended.

“When a cherry crop has been affected by an anomalous climatic situation, there are usually repercussions in post-harvest regarding quality,” adds Patricio, “this does not end with the harvest, in post-harvest dehydration can also begin and have harmful effects. Therefore, we must be under observation to see what types of effects there may be at this very important stage for production and especially packaging.”


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