xpd global: The Evolution of Europartners Group Lands at SmartCherry

xpd global: The Evolution of Europartners Group Lands at SmartCherry

We are excited to share news that marks a milestone in the Chilean fruit logistics industry. Europartners Group is evolving as xpd global to become a global airfreight giant and reaffirm its commitment to operational excellence in transporting fruit to the most competitive markets worldwide.

For over 20 years, Europartners Group has been a reliable partner for the Chilean fruit market. Providing top-notch logistics solutions, it has closely collaborated with producers, exporters, and consignees in the timely and secure delivery of their products worldwide.

In 2023, the group took a significant step forward by consolidating its offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia under a new identity: xpd global.

In this exciting new phase, xpd global reaffirms its commitment to all its clients to deliver their fresh products on time. Committed to offering more than just airfreight service, they aim to be a strategic partner focused on the perishable products transport needs, understanding the challenges, goals, and expectations of the industry.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and every decision they make, every step they take, is designed to meet, and exceed those needs. At xpd global, their experts understand the importance of critical cargo and the urgency of flawless logistics coordination.

“At xpd global, we know that every minute counts in the world of perishable product logistics; that’s why our values are rooted in time sensitivity. Behind every shipment is a custom design and plan, as well as the commitment of a team that, with their effort and dedication, ensures that each fruit shipment is transported with the freshness and quality the customer expects,” declares Denis Hidalgo Figueroa, director of xpd global.

xpd global is advancing and establishing new offices in Asia, Europe, and Africa, bringing their culture and values to new horizons, seeking innovative ways to enhance their services through technology. They do this with the firm belief that by being leaders in satisfying their customers, they will stand out as the best in the industry.

Visit www.xpdglobal.com to learn more about their expertise in delivering fresh fruit and more to every destination, always on time and in the best conditions.


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