Water Summit: Agribusiness Committed to Efficient Use of Water Resources

Water Summit: Agribusiness Committed to Efficient Use of Water Resources

The latest edition of the Agricultural Water Summit (AWS) took place at the Sun Monticello Conference Center in Chile. The event brought together the agribusiness sector to address the challenge of water crisis and achieve more sustainable agriculture. It was attended by over 650 people.

The main partners of Smartcherry were present, showcasing their solutions and products for the agribusiness sector.

“It’s a great opportunity to specifically discuss water-related matters. We’ve been experiencing water issues for quite some time, so it’s a responsibility to engage in these kinds of activities to equip the industry with tools to tackle challenges such as quantification, measurement, monitoring, having data and information to make decisions in an increasingly sensitive topic,” said Gabriel Gajardo, Commercial Director of AG Business and a partner of Smartcherry.

AWS served as a focal point for discussion and analysis, where experts from various sectors of the agricultural industry, industry leaders, companies, and representatives from different countries gathered to discuss current trends and future challenges related to water.

“For those who have water needs, one option is to address water demand by trying to reduce water consumption, for example, here we see many companies related to irrigation sensors. Another approach is to assess water availability, which is what we do – seeing if it’s possible to irrigate a water-needy field with groundwater. That’s what we’re looking for here, people facing this issue,” noted Daniel Cabrera, Commercial Manager of Aquadetect.

Ceres, a company specializing in aerial imaging and providing irrigation management solutions to help farmers improve profitability, recently joined Smartcherry and was among the 40 companies present at the Agricultural Water Summit.

“For Ceres, all water resources are important. So, we want to show Chilean producers that aerial images can enhance field work and optimize resource usage. This event is very relevant. We focus on producers dealing with field issues or those who understand that resources are scarce today, and they need to be used more efficiently,” said Vicente Traviesa, Latin America Account Manager at Ceres Imaging.

Corteva also participated in the Agricultural Water Summit, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability. “It’s very important for Corteva to participate in the Water Summit because we are concerned about sustainability – not only in production but also in people and the ecosystem. Climate change, environmental shifts are crucial in a company like this. This event is fundamental; many producers are updating themselves on these matters because technology is key to staying relevant over time in a sustainable and responsible manner,” said Elisa Cabrera, Market Developer for the O’Higgins region at Corteva.

Innovak, a company with extensive experience in radical biostimulation, was another partner of Smartcherry present at AWS. Sergio Osorio, Regional Leader of Innovak Global, spoke about the importance of participating in the significant event: “Thanks to our soil conditioner, Promesol, we’ve had a great experience with farmers. It has been demonstrated that by flocculating the soil as our product does, we’ve been able to improve water use efficiency. This saves irrigation time and enhances irrigation effectiveness – irrigating the same amount but with improved distribution and depth of application.”

In this instance, the Agricultural Water Summit addressed, among other topics, international experience and success stories in facing drought and ensuring water security by 2050, offering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology that are already being used for water management, preservation, and reuse in agriculture.

Caio Vechiato, Director of Operations for Latin America at AgroFresh, stated: “Water is a precious, limited resource, and AgroFresh is committed to our customers’ sustainability and water conservation. Our equipment can greatly reduce water consumption in the industry, and we have a lot to contribute. This is very important and is a priority for AgroFresh.”

Finally, WiseConn also commented: “We’re delighted to participate in Water Summit 2023 with our company specializing in irrigation monitoring and control. The idea is to enhance more sustainable agriculture with efficient water usage,” concluded Karina Alegría, Marketing Specialist Latam at WiseConn.


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