Turkey exports cherries to over 60 countries

Turkey exports cherries to over 60 countries

Turkey is the world’s main cherry exporter, sending said fruit to 62 countries during the past few years, according to Turkey’s Statistics Institute, TUIK.

Turkish cherries’ main destination was Germany, with an equivalent to USD 90.64 million. In second place is Russia, with 52.77 million.

In 2016, Turkey produced 599,650 tons of cherries, a number that in 2021 went all the way up to 724,944 – a 20.9% increase. The province with the greatest production in 2021 was Smyrna, with 108,495; followed by Konya, Bursa and Manisa, with 64,086, 55,652 and 50,934, respectively.

Cem Yalvac, President of the Salihli Chamber of Agriculture (Salihli is a borough in the Manisa province) told the site www.aa.com.tr/es that the region exports cherries to 25 countries.

“About 70% of cherries produced in this region are exported. The main reason for this is that our cherries are registered. Cherries that are produced here are in demand for their color, aroma and size,” Yalvac explained to the aforementioned website.

The Chamber’s President also said that the amount of producers in the region keeps growing and that “large companies have purchased land to produce cherries.”


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