Smartcherry: Pioneers and at the forefront of new platforms

Smartcherry: Pioneers and at the forefront of new platforms

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Smartcherry was born in October 2019, and its growth has been incredible. To date, it has over 180,000 monthly visits on its Spanish version platform alone, with users from Chile and around the world. Its main focus has been to provide high-quality technical content about the cherry industry, free of charge and in various formats. However, the success of the platform also lies in its image and the way it communicates its content.

This explains the exponential growth Smartcherry has experienced in less than 4 years. Currently, it has around 25,000 followers on its social media platforms, who are constantly viewing, sharing, and reacting to the content provided on each platform.

Moreover, last year its Spotify channel ranked among the top 5% of the most listened to science podcasts worldwide.

One of the latest launches has been its English version platform, Smartcherry World, which was created due to the great interest shown by those involved in the global cherry industry, particularly in English-speaking countries.

Another significant factor for the platform’s success is undoubtedly being located in Chile, the world’s leading cherry exporter.

“We are at the forefront of communication, not only on our website that offers a unique user experience with top-quality technical content, events, podcasts, videos, and current news, but also in terms of social media. We want to be where producers, people in agriculture, and specialists are, those who want to listen, learn, and know more about cherry cultivation, and nowadays social media offers endless possibilities to reach them. That’s why we are constantly innovating, researching, and generating new content,” explained Jorge Tello, Co-founder of the platform.

Moreover, the Spanish version platform recently launched its TikTok channel, immediately reaching thousands of views and becoming a reference in the agribusiness industry.


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