Smartcherry Chile launches its new TV channel with successful debate

Smartcherry Chile launches its new TV channel with successful debate

Smartcherry TV
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Smartcherry TV

This week, the successful platform dedicated to the cherry industry in Chile, Smartcherry, launched its new YouTube channel, which promises to captivate its viewers with quality content and conversations about the business and its production.

The premiere generated great expectations among the platform’s followers and viewers who actively participated in Smartcherry TV’s first live program, which to date has already been viewed by more than fifteen hundred people.

Getting to know Smartcherry TV

The event began with a backstage led by journalist Andrea Garrido, who, through different audiovisual pieces, showed the new platform, its contents and how to subscribe to the channel. Additionally, she interviewed the co-founders of Smartcherry, Carlos Tapia and Jorge Tello; who provided details of the work involved in this new way of diffusion about the cherry industry and the origins of Smartcherry.

“We are very happy with the launch of this channel. We have worked intensely with the team, transforming the audiovisual content we had into a more modern and dynamic format, which is reflected today in this event. We are happy, many people participated and we are convinced that this is going to be a new contribution to the industry, just as the other formats that we have established in these 4 years of Smartchery have been,” commented Jorge Tello, Co-founder of the platform.

“We wanted to present our new YouTube channel in an entertaining way so that our followers could subscribe, learn about our playlists, the premiere days and learn more about Smartcherry TV and the platform itself; In October we turned 4 years old and this launch crowns the hard work that we have done as a team and we are very happy to finally launch our channel, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we see the world of cherries,” said Javiera López, Director of Smartcherry.

Technical debate

Ricardo Miño, Carlos Tapia and Lucas Ferrada

The highlight of the launch of Smartcherry TV was the conversation led by the co-founder and consultant specializing in cherry production, Carlos Tapia. The technical director of Avium analyzed the complex season, together with two renowned advisors: Ricardo Miño and Lucas Ferrada.

“This is Smartcherry’s new project, a different diffusion model that was very challenging; We had a very interesting session, more than 200 people connected simultaneously, the conversation with Ricardo and Lucas was super entertaining, we analyzed topics together within the expertise of each one and in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the season, which was complex , different, challenging and entertaining. Obviously, all of this brings challenges too and makes you think outside the box. This channel also helps with all this analysis and we want to establish and reaffirm the meaning that Smartcherry has with the different platforms and the different media that we have today,” said Carlos Tapia.

The conversation, in which relevant topics for the audience were discussed, provided a complete vision of the challenges and opportunities of the current cherry season, marking the peak of tuning with more than 200 people connected.

“It was a great invitation because I consider that all of these tools we have that allow us to reach more people with these messages is something very important for us and for the people who are in the technical area. We have to take our flags everywhere and these structures, Smartcherry or Smartcherry TV, help us reach more and more places,” said the advisor specializing in plant nutrition and soil, Lucas Ferrada.

YouTube is a space where learning and entertainment merge to provide an enriching experience to viewers. With a firm commitment to providing quality and relevant content, SmartCherry TV becomes a valuable addition to the digital landscape.

“The truth is that for me it was a huge honor to be able to participate alongside two great exponents of national fruit growing, like Carlos and Lucas, and also with the Smartcherry team, which is a platform that is widely seen month after month in our industry,” said Ricardo Miño, specialist advisor in cherry production.

The new channel had an excellent reception among followers, who throughout the broadcast sent their congratulations for the initiative and for the interesting conversation held during the launch.

Smartcherry TV is now online and viewers can subscribe to the channel to stay updated with the latest updates and participate in this exciting adventure in the world of cherry.

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