ASOEX president makes opening speech at the International Fruit Expo in China

ASOEX president makes opening speech at the International Fruit Expo in China

"Fruits From Chile" had a prominent participation at the International Fruit Expo (IFE), held between September 1 and 3 in Guangzhou, China. Additionally, ASOEX Cherries Committee officially launched the promotional actions for Chilean cherries for the upcoming season.

The president of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), Iván Marambio, was the only representative of an international country, in charge of opening the 2023 version of this event, with an inaugural speech where he highlighted the good and long bilateral relations that exist between China and Chile in the fresh fruit trade.

“The Chinese fruit industry accounts for more than 1 billion RMB in transactions, with strong growth in terms of import, production and export. Currently, the top 3 most imported fruits by China are durian, cherries and kiwi, and Chile is an important supplier of two of these. Our industry is committed to the development of the Chinese market and despite the challenges we face, we are optimistic about the upcoming season of the Chilean fruit and its reception by the Chinese consumers. A population with whom we have strengthened a long friendship”, said Iván Marambio.

He added that “Chile not only grows and produces high-quality fruit, but we have also partnered with trusted importers, distributors, retailers in China, with whom we work together to facilitate the growth of consumer demand, through various promotional campaigns. We are committed to making resources available to the industry and to transferring knowledge and good practice. For example, through the organization of workshops to develop new regional markets and exchange visions, as is the case of the Wuhan Wholesale Market. In addition, we invest in the preparation of informative material, such as the ‘Cherry Trade Statistics’ and, soon, the ‘Guide to Good Practices for Cherries’. In this context, we are sure that the next few days at IFE will inspire ideas and discussions about how to positively improve the Chinese fruit industry”. 

The importance of Fruits From Chile in this event was clear since the inauguration and its stand reunited the president of the CFNA, the CFMA, as well as the top representatives of the Guangzhou JNH Wholesale Market and the Jiaxing Wholesale Market, and members of the Chilean Embassy in China.

During the second day of participation, the ASOEX Cherries Committee held a workshop, where it officially launched the promotional actions for Chilean cherries for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Nearly 200 importers, distributors and retailers participated in this activity.

The national delegation closed its agenda with a visit to the Guangzhou JNH Wholesale Market, where they visited the fruit reception and storage areas, and met with the executives to analyze various joint initiatives.

The 2023 edition of IFE brought together more than 20 countries, 140 leaders, and 10,000 representatives of China’s national and regional fruit trade, with an exhibition center of more than 23,000 square meters.

The event is organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Food, Indigenous Products and Animal By-Products (CFNA), being the largest industrial association in the field of import and export of food and agricultural products in China, and the China Fruit Marketing Association (CFMA), a non-profit corporation that integrates companies dedicated to the production, circulation, processing and storage of fruit, cooperatives specialized in fruit, local associations, research institutes and other companies relevant to the service of the this industry.


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