IX Symposium: China proud of its cherry industry development

IX Symposium: China proud of its cherry industry development

During the closing speech of the IX International Cherry Symposium, held in Beijing, China, Dr. Kaichun Zhang, Chairman Cherry Section at Chinese Society for Horticultural Science highlighted the importance of Chinese cherry industry in the world: “It was a small tree with bright and wide future.”

“We took this good opportunity of the symposium to have successfully shown to the world that the development of the Chinese cherry industry, which has become an important part of the world industry, looks into the future. There are many high-tech that can make a good contribution, such as modern biotech, AI, and so on, to get high quality, intelligence and sustainability,” said Zhang on behalf of organizing committee.

The chairman was grateful for the key experts who presented at this symposium from 21 to 25 May 2023, including the Chairman of the International Society for Horticultural Science, François Laurens; Chairman of Chinese Society for Horticulture Science, Prof. Deng Xiuxin; academic from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Ryutaro Tao; Chairman of Japanese Society for Horticulture Science, Prof. Florin Stanica; Chairman of Romania Society for Horticulture Science, among others.

The organization collected for about 160 cherry related papers from China and abroad, covering eight technical topics. About 60 lectures were given orally, half of them from abroad.

Additionally, a technique tour was arranged during the symposium, including the cherry base of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forest Science in Tongzhou District, and three Cherry Orchard in Shunyi District. “All the visits have shown visitors many key technology and facilities such as root-stock-scion combination, tree shape and modern techniques of plantation, rain-shelter, greenhouse, elevated cold shed, including independently selected varieties,” he explained.

The Cherry Culture Exhibition, the 4th Cherry Expo, a Cherry Competition and various activities held during the symposium, sought to promote an effective connection between cherry scientific researchers, producers, and consumers.

Dr. Kaichun Zhang explained “as far as I remember, there were only less than 50,000 mu (3,000 hectares) of cherry crops all over China in 2006, when the Cherry Branch of Chinese Society for Horticulture Science was founded. At that time, the Cherry Branch knew that cherry industry was in an ascendant, and sweet business. It was a small tree with bright and wide future.”

“Now, China is ranked first in many things, such as cherry plantation area, its output, plantation technology. Over these 20 years hard work has been made by Chinese cherry people”, he added.

Zhang finalized inviting the cherry industry to work hard together and make great contribution to the development of international horticulture business.


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