International Fruit Expo 2024 Starts Preparations

International Fruit Expo 2024 Starts Preparations

International Fruit Expo 2024
Ready for the IFE 2024?
International Fruit Expo 2024

The ongoing recovery of the global economy has sent a positive signal to the market. Since the lifting of pandemic control measures, major fruit wholesale markets in China have become vibrant again, with increased retail activities at the end of the supply chain. Meanwhile, supply chain operations have fully resumed, and the overall fruit business is steadily improving. The hustle and bustle at International Fruit Expo 2023 has presented a direct view of the fruit sector’s recovery.

International Fruit Expo is now a significant and wide-acclaimed one-stop business exchange platform in the Chinese fruit industry, thanks to the concerted efforts of global participants. International Fruit Expo 2024 will return to Shanghai with a brand-new look. Starting from the Yangtze River Delta, the show will have a strong capacity for driving the nationwide development of the fruit industry. Specially designed for China’s fruit market, it will allow for unlimited business opportunities across the entire fruit sector.

Shanghai-based, Nationwide Coverage

As one of China’s most densely populated and economically developed cities as well as an important port city, Shanghai accounts for a significant share of China’s fresh fruit imports. The Port of Shanghai features faster customs clearance procedures, multiple import channels, and more favorable tariff policies, among other advantages.

At present, Shanghai is enhancing its capacity as an international-level shipping hub. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghai saw considerable growth in terms of both imports and exports, with the total trade value hitting a record high of 3.17 trillion Chinese yuan ($433 billion), a year-on-year increase of 2.7%. In particular, Shanghai stands out as an important distribution center for fresh fruit imports, attracting numerous importers who choose the Port of Shanghai to supply the Chinese market.

Shanghai is only two hours away from several major fruit wholesale markets and is also located at the intersection of three economic hotspots: the Shanghai Economic Zone, the Economic Zone around Hangzhou Bay and the Economic Zone around Taihu Lake. Meanwhile, Shanghai’s geographical location is favorable for transportation, lying at the center of a vast economic hinterland that reaches into northeast, north, south, central, northwest and southwest China. These characteristics make Shanghai an excellent choice for allowing more high-quality fruit to truly enter the Chinese market.

The Fruit Show by and for Members of the Industry

Organized by the China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products and the China Fruit Marketing Association, the China International Fruit Expo is the first business exchange and display platform launched by fruit merchants themselves. The organizers have been heavily involved in the fruit industry for decades and have a wealth of resources. These qualifications underline the professionalism of the expo and allow it to cater to the actual needs of fruit merchants, such as enabling fruit enterprises to overcome difficulties encountered during the import and export process. Overall, the expo is uniquely positioned to bring the world’s fruits together in the Chinese market in a practical and professional setting.

Various Promotional Resources and a Powerful Professional Platform

International Fruit Expo 2024 will provide an all-round exhibition platform for exhibitors. The owned media matrix covers both domestic and overseas channels such as WeChat, Baidu, Sohu, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and we also have access to various cooperative media and promotional platforms. During the exhibition and beyond, we will help our exhibitors expand their brand coverage and visibility in the market to gain new opportunities for cooperation and exchange.

Distribution of Global Fruit Sources

Professional Buyers from across China

Sources of Expo Participants from Chinese Mainland (Distribution of Key Provinces and Cities in Major Fruit Markets)

A wealth of supporting activities


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