Technology for measuring small fruits: What are the reports provided by HappyAgro’s FirmPro?

Technology for measuring small fruits: What are the reports provided by HappyAgro’s FirmPro?

Do you know FirmPro?
  • HappyAgro’s FirmPro is one of the main instruments for measuring firmness, size and color in the fruit industry and one of its most valued features is its reports, since they are considered fast, reliable and effective. Additionally, like all the company’s products, reports can be customized to the client’s needs.

The FirmPro has become the main instrument for measuring firmness, size and color of small fruits up to 50 mm on the market; being used by all agribusiness, companies and study centers. And one of its main features is the data it provides. Both the laboratory and portable versions provide a report with detailed information on each fruit, which allows customers to know the quality of their products.

FirmPro is integrated with Excel. The output data sheet incorporates a statistical analysis tab that allows conclusions about the sample and the batch of fruit analyzed, with this you can estimate, for example, the percentage of the batch that meets a minimum required firmness. In addition, the user can upload their own reception or data analysis sheet in general in a tab, and this is auto-completed with each measurement made by FirmPro.

Like all HappyAgro products, these reports can also be customized and adapted to the client’s needs. This is explained by the CEO of HappyAgro, Robinson Gálvez, “our software creates a consolidated data that stores all the information measured by each equipment. This report has the possibility of consolidating the information fruit by fruit or a summary line (with the information already processed) of each batch.”

In this way, FirmPro allows exporters and producers to measure the main characteristics of their fruits with a single instrument, with all the information consolidated in a single report; thanks to this, you avoid using more instruments and multiple reports. Gálvez adds that “we seek to provide a solution to the client that will avoid having multiple reports with different formats or, in the worst case, manually transcribing the information they generate into a common report, which produces errors. The FirmPro ensures that you have objective data.” This is confirmed by the director of the Center for Postharvest Studies since 2009, Victor Hugo Escalona, ​​who stated that FirmPro provides “a measurement that is quite fast, reliable and objective.”

Another advantage of these reports is that, since they are prepared in Excel, they are easily updateable. According to the CEO of HappyAgro, “every season, we add new reports and functionalities. The report in Excel started out very basic, with only the raw data, but then we added the caliber labels and ranges of firmness classifications. With this, distribution analysis of these characteristics could be carried out. Then we developed the colorimeter and were able to show the color distribution and average fastness of each color. Even last season, at the request of our client Giddings Cerasus, we also began to report indicators and distribution of firmness for each color group. This season, we updated the report to also report average firmness by gauge label.”

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