Giddings Cerasus considered greater fruit quality with late-ripening varieties

Giddings Cerasus considered greater fruit quality with late-ripening varieties

On March 10th, 2002, Giddings Fruit – a multinational company that produces and exports fresh fruit and has offices in Chile – organized an event in Shanghai to introduce two new late-ripening cherry varieties, aiming to obtain better quality in the 2022-23 season. 

The event was organized by Gonzalo Matamala, general manager of the Chinese Giddings Fruit office; and was attended by representatives of more than 10 Chinese fresh fruit importing companies and retailers.

In China, Giddings Cerasus, the company’s cherry and prune brand, is one of the most trusted and recognized brands among both dealers and consumers, who often refer to it as “little bee”, after its golden bee logo, according to

At the event, Matamala said that the company has also been working on other new premium cherry varieties. Alongside late-ripening varieties, there are also early-ripening varieties in progress that would arrive a few weeks before current ones like Early Burlat, Glen Red and Royal Dawn. Giddings hopes to use these early- and late-ripening varieties to achieve a six-month supply window that, in combination with North America’s production, would provide a fresh cherry supply almost year-round.

 “The Chinese market is increasingly focused on fruit quality. By this I mean firmness, flavor and eating experience. That’s why we see these new varieties with great optimism,” Gonzalo Matamala said, in closing, to

It is worth mentioning that Giddings Cerasus cherries come from Chile and the United States.


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