Webinar: Ensuring Sweet Cherry Quality

Webinar: Ensuring Sweet Cherry Quality

A new webinar is coming... Next Thursday, November 2 and Friday, November 3, the webinar "From table to farm: Ensuring Premium Blueberry and Sweet Cherry Quality" will take place.

The event will be held online and will feature experts in the area from Washington State University, the University of Florida and the University of Chile.

Specifically, the second day will be dedicated 100% to the cherry.

The meeting will be completely free for those interested.


  • Bernadita Sallato, WSU: Specialist in improvement and orchard efficiency and fruit production through horticultural management practices and technology. Main areas of work are soils fertility, plant nutrition, stress management and general horticultural practices for tree fruit production.
  • Matt Whiting, WSU: Associate Professor/Scientist and Extension Specialist in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Specialist in the integration of mechanization and automation in tree fruit through the development of planar orchard systems that are productive, precocious, profitable, and sustainable.
  • Victor Escalona, UCHILE: Specialist directing public competition projects for research, development and transfer on the topics of forced production and management of vegetables as well as processing, conservation and transportation of fruits and vegetables.
  • Steve Sargent, UF: Specilist in mechanical harvest, cooling, modified/controlled atmospheres, ethylene antagonists, such as 1-methylcyclopropene. Impact of current and novel techniques and technologies on quality of fresh fruits and vegetables during harvest, handling and storage operations.
  • Carolina Torres, WSU: Endowed Chair in Tree Fruit Postharvest Systems. Her research program focus is on Washington apples, pears and cherries. Areas of research include abiotic stress and climate effect on fruit quality and storage disorders, fruit physiology and biochemistry, handling technologies, and postharvest systems to optimize fruit quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Lisa DeVetter, WSU: Specialist in research about emphasis on maximizing productivity, fruit quality, and on-farm efficiencies, while ensuring the health of adjacent natural resources critical for small fruit crop production in the Pacific Northwest. Primary research areas include optimizing pollination services in small fruit crops, improved end-of-life management of agricultural plastics used in small fruit crop production, machine harvesting technologies, and nutrient management.



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