China Food Exhibition: more than 1,400 exhibitors brought their fruits and vegetables from all over the world

China Food Exhibition: more than 1,400 exhibitors brought their fruits and vegetables from all over the world

The China Food Exhibition - 2023 Guangzhou (Jiangnan) International Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo was successfully held in Guangzhou, China, on September 21. The event allowed exchange and cooperation for the fruit and vegetable industry, but also for promoting the progress and development of the industry.

In this opportunity the exhibition attracted more than 1,400 fruit and vegetable companies, experts, scholars and elites from related industries at home and abroad to share the industry’s new technologies, new products and new concepts, and explore the future development direction of the fruit and vegetable industry.

The opening ceremony kicked off highlighting the vitality and innovation of the fruit and vegetable industry, with representatives from government departments, industry associations, and well-known enterprises gathered together to witness the important moments of this Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition.

Among some of the activities, the leading guests went to the exhibition hall for a tour, and in order to further promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign fruit and vegetable enterprises, this exhibition also organized a special fruit and vegetable reverse procurement meeting. Which focused on the docking of supply and demand, organizing domestic and foreign purchasers to negotiate and communicate with fruit and vegetable production and processing enterprises, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain.

During this encounter, exhibitors actively displayed their characteristic products and services, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign buyers. Through this event, it not only enhanced the willingness of enterprises to cooperate, but also improved the competitiveness of the market and the overall development level of the industry.

At the same time as this Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition, a Facility Fruit and Vegetable Industry Conference was held to discuss in depth the opportunities and challenges of the development of facility agriculture. The conference invited experts, scholars and business representatives from home and abroad to share and discuss topics such as technological innovation, market demand and sustainable development of facility agriculture.

Through experience exchange, case sharing and forward-looking insights, the participants jointly discussed the future development trends and paths of the facility fruit and vegetable industry, providing useful inspiration for the sustainable development of the industry.

Agricultural product promotion meeting to showcase high-quality agricultural products and their brand value

This exhibition also specially set up a promotion meeting for agricultural products, providing merchants and consumers with an opportunity to connect with fruit and vegetable companies. At the agricultural products promotion meeting, special agricultural products from Chengmai County, Guangdong Province, Guizhou Province and other places became the focus. Promotion representatives from seven major cities and counties took to the stage to showcase the rich varieties and high-quality agricultural products from various places.

Participating companies also displayed their characteristic agricultural products and their brand value at their respective booths, attracting many buyers to come for exchanges and negotiations. The successful holding of the agricultural product promotion meeting has established a communication and interaction platform for the majority of fruit and vegetable enterprises and consumers, and promoted the promotion and sales of agricultural products.

The international pavilion of this exhibition is strong, with pavilions from Chile, Hungary, Belarus, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, India, Singapore, the United States, Spain, Peru, Vietnam, Uruguay and Uzbekistan, presenting unique presentations to the audience. The exotic delicacies allow the audience to “travel around” with their tongues!

The successful holding of the Guangzhou International Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition not only promoted the innovation and development of the fruit and vegetable industry, but also used Guangzhou, an international city, to connect the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and help more high-quality agricultural products reach a wider market.


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