Chile: Early Season Cherries International Seminar 2023

Chile: Early Season Cherries International Seminar 2023

The second edition of the "Early Season Cherries International Seminar" will take place on August 30th and 31st in Ovalle, Chile. The event is organized by Susttex Consultores and will be available for both in-person and virtual participation through the website

The Early Season Cherries Seminar has become a must-attend event for the Early Season cherries industry, aiming to bring together producers, academics, companies, experts, professionals, and enthusiasts of the cherry industry. The gathering aims to share knowledge, experiences, and current trends in the field, with the objective of strengthening and promoting the sustainable growth of the industry.

“With consolidation on the horizon” is the motto for this year’s event, focusing on the factors that can help consolidate the Southern Hemisphere’s Early Season cherries industry, leveraging its competitive advantages. The presentations will analyze the technical evolution of the Ovalle region, which has consistently covered the commercial window for Early Season cherries.

Additionally, technological solutions to address climate variability will be showcased, acknowledging the need for alternatives that can help producers ensure their production, particularly in the northern region.

Another key aspect emphasized in the 2023 edition is post-harvest handling and the destination of Early Season cherries. For the first time, answers will be provided on how to work with the fruit from harvesting to reaching the markets. Moreover, specific characteristics of the importing markets during the early weeks of the Southern Hemisphere’s season will be reviewed.

It is worth noting that the program includes a full day of field activities, where attendees can learn about management strategies for the fruit set period and beyond. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit cherry orchards in production and learn from the experiences of local producers.

The event is organized by Susttex Consultores, a company that, due to the significant interest generated after the first edition of the international seminar in Chile, decided to hold this second edition in the Coquimbo region. This area is a relevant reference point for Early Season cherry producers in Chile and beyond. Aldo Morales Ferreira, General Manager of Susttex Consultores, commented that “this event is already in a phase of strengthening, becoming once again the technical-commercial meeting point for the cherry industry, where we hope to gather over 250 attendees in person and even more virtually.”

The Early Season Cherries International Seminar will offer theoretical activities, field visits, and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to learn from best practices, explore innovative solutions, and strengthen their network of contacts in an environment conducive to collaboration and mutual growth. The cherry industry is booming, and the Second Early Season Cherries International Seminar is the event that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Tickets for the event will be available for purchase starting July 25th on the website

Interested companies wishing to participate as sponsors can request information at


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