Chile: Cherries and 13 Other Products Lead the International Export Ranking

Chile: Cherries and 13 Other Products Lead the International Export Ranking

In 2022, Chile stands out as a leading exporter in the global ranking of non-copper, non-lithium goods, with a total of 14 products positioned in the top 1 and 61 products in the top 10 of this ranking. Last year, the country exported non-copper, non-lithium goods with a value of US$ 43.47 billion, representing a 14.9% increase compared to the previous year.

This outstanding position reflects Chile’s commitment and competitiveness in various sectors, including agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, manufacturing, minerals, and forestry.

Among the products that drove Chile’s export leadership are fresh cherries, plums, fresh and frozen salmon fillets, frozen horse mackerel, iodine, molybdenum oxides and hydroxides, among others.

“As the main conclusion, we can affirm that the 2022 indicators show that our country adapts to foreign trade contingencies and maintains leadership positions in various sectors despite adversity, seizing the opportunities provided by global markets,” stated Ignacio Fern├índez, General Director of ProChile.

Furthermore, he adds that “this leadership is the result of years of public-private work, where trade openings through the network of Free Trade Agreements, along with phytosanitary and zoosanitary measures, as well as intensive promotion efforts, have made Chile recognized among global consumers, as demonstrated by this ranking.”

Chile’s most important trading partner in 2022 was the United States, totaling US$ 9,772 million, with an increase of 19.0%, followed by China, which totaled US$ 7,927 million (+0.5%), and Japan, which reached US$ 3,008 million (+15.4%).

This leadership has led Chile to position itself as a reliable supplier in international markets, contributing to the country’s economic development and strengthening its reputation as a leader in the agri-food sector.

Chile stands out for its high-quality production in the agribusiness sector, especially in the export of fruits and wines. Thanks to its diverse geography and climate, Chile has been able to offer quality agricultural and wine products throughout the year. Among these, cherries have become a flagship product in the Chilean export offering, experiencing remarkable growth in recent years and making them the world’s largest cherry exporter.

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