Cherry Symposium: Exchanging the latest scientific research

Cherry Symposium: Exchanging the latest scientific research

The 9th International Cherry Symposium takes place in China and several activities are being developed during this week: International academic conferences, China Cherry Expo, and the first Beijing Cherry Culture Festival.

More than 300 people, including international horticultural experts, growers and sales representatives from major cherry producing regions around the world, experts from domestic universities and research institutes, are attending the meeting in Beijing.

“The Symposium has been successfully held for eight editions and is the most influential and high-level comprehensive conference on cherry scientific research and industrial development in the world. It is a great event to exchange the latest scientific research progress and achievements, showcase new and excellent varieties, technologies. The event facilities, and promote the domestic regions, industries, and products. It is known as the ‘Olympic Games’ in the world cherry industry,” said the organization.

François Laurens, President of the International Horticultural Society.

The event is organized by International Society for Horticultural Science, Chinese Society for Horticultural Science, and Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and supported by Beijing Academy of Agricultural & Forestry Sciences, Shunyi District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Cherry Section, Chinese Society for Horticultural Science, and Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau.

The hybrid conference is live streamed to Chengcheng County. Zhang Xu, Deputy Secretary of the Chengcheng County Committee and County Mayor, said “the 9th International Cherry Symposium is not only an academic summit for the development of the cherry industry, but also a trading event for deep integration of production and sales. It not only promotes the high-quality development of the world cherry industry, but also the development of the fruit industry, farmers’ income, and rural revitalization in Chengcheng.”

The conference will invite renowned experts in the cherry academic field to present and visit the Chengcheng County Cherry Production Demonstration Park.

The latest research results of the cherry industry were released at the international academic seminar. Experts from major cherry producing countries such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, the United States, and Canada will conduct in-depth analysis and exploration of the current situation and trends in the domestic and foreign cherry markets. This includes cherry production and postharvest preservation techniques, high-quality cherry cultivation techniques, changes in market demand, and marketing strategies.

Awards, Festival and Tasting

At the opening ceremony, the National High Quality Cherry Award ceremony were held, it is a comprehensive selection from over 150 cherry brands by nearly 30 international judges, and certificates are issued to high-quality cherry producing areas.

The first Beijing Cherry Culture Festival held a popular cherry picking experience activity, attracting citizens and tourists to experience the joy of cherry picking.

The China Cherry Expo holds a series of cherry tasting activities, where major cherry brands and high-quality production areas brought unique and delicious cherries.


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