Cherry harvesting during the season in Spain

Cherry harvesting during the season in Spain

The harvest season in the Iberian country is between April and August, where the fruit can be harvested between 100 and 130 days approximately, from the earliest areas (Aragón), to the latest ones in the Jerte Valley.

Likewise, it is more common to find cherries during the Spanish autumn/winter season, since in Chile the cherry season is from November to February.

In regards to prices, according to, in Mercamadrid Chilean cherries are quoted at 4 and 30 Euros per kilogram. The price per kg of cherries is higher at the beginning of the season, gradually declining, rebounding again at the end of the season.

One of the important points at the time of fruit harvesting is the climate, due to the fact that it directly influences in its ripening process, since cherries need to accumulate cold hours in order to bloom properly in spring and a warmer winter delays the blooming period of the cherry tree.

On the other hand, once the cherry tree blooms and the fruit is set, the sunny days and favorable temperatures advance the harvest process. However, if there is rain and temperatures fall, ripening is delayed.

It’s worth mentioning that there are 50 days of difference between the harvests of varieties. Among the early varieties in Spain are: Cristalina, Burlat, Nimba, Early Bigi, Royal Toga, Early Red, Frisco, Brooks and Celeste.

In medium variety, the most important are: Grace Star, Cristalina, 3-13, Summit, Black Star and Samba. While in the late ones are: Sunburst, Lapins, Kordia, Royal Helen, Blanca de Provenza, Ambrunés and Sweet Heart.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that researchers are constantly investigating the increase of the cherry season by obtaining extra-early and late cherries. 


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