India: Cherries from the Pacific Northwest USA launched in the market

India: Cherries from the Pacific Northwest USA launched in the market

The Northwest Cherry Growers (NWCG), a trade association based in the state of Washington in the U.S.A. have launched their promotion campaign in India to introduce this summer’s crop of this delightful fruit to the discerning health-conscious Indian consumers.

Summer means a menu filled with fresh fruits and now is the season for putting the cherry on top. Large deep-mahogany red, ripe, juicy, sweet and the most delicious cherries from the U.S. Pacific Northwest have arrived in the market.

Ron Verdonk, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America, officially launched the Northwest Cherries campaign in India.

Speaking on the occasion Verdonk, remarked “Food is a very important part of India – U.S. trade, and I am really pleased that freshly-picked cherries from our Pacific Northwest are now added to the basket. I am confident that Indian consumers will love the quality and taste of these cherries that are considered amongst the best in the world.”

The U.S. is one of world’s largest producers and exporters of sweet cherries. Keith Hu, Director of International Operations of Northwest Cherry Growers (NWCG) was present on the occasion. He remarked that the cherries from the U.S. Pacific Northwest are grown in the states of Washington, Oregon Idaho, Utah and Montana, and consumers worldwide relish their sweet flavour, bigger size and superior quality.  “I am delighted to see NW cherries here in India.”

Present at the launch Kavita Devgan, a leading Dietitian, holistic health consultant and an eminent writer said, “Cherries are a delicious and nutritious powerhouse. Packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins, they not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body. Incorporating these vibrant NW cherries into your diet is a delightful way to support your health and well-being.”

Speaking on the India campaign for Cherries from Northwest, Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative of NWCG remarked, “We foresee immense potential for Northwest Cherries in India. These cherries are considered amongst the best in the world for their high quality, flavor, taste and also food safety. Cherries from the Pacific Northwest USA will be in the market in July and August, perfectly complementing the Indian cherry season. We have chalked out an extensive retail and communication strategy to take this delicious fruit to discerning Indian consumers across the country. These cherries will be available both with retail fruit sellers and e-commerce platforms,” Saran added.

Also present at the launch, celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani showcased a healthy recipe featuring Northwest Cherries. He highlighted their high quality and culinary value, bringing joy and creativity to every plate.

Source: SRV Media press release


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