CFIAgrotech: The Most Important Exhibition in Agri-Food Technologies in Chile

CFIAgrotech: The Most Important Exhibition in Agri-Food Technologies in Chile

The world of agriculture and food transformation will come together through technology and innovation in a unique space. It is estimated that there will be around 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors at the fair, which will take place for the first time at the Metropolitan Santiago Events Center, Chile.

The main players in the global agri-food industry will gather in Santiago, from October 24th to 26th for the First International Congress and Exhibition of Innovation and Agri-Food Technologies, CFIAgrotech 2023.

The event is organized by FISA and GL Events in collaboration with the National Society of Agriculture (SNA), the main association that brings together producers and federations related to agriculture and agribusiness in the country. The event will bring together the Chilean agri-food industry with national and international stakeholders to promote, market, build relationships, and strengthen the agri-food sector in the country and throughout its entire value chain.

The objectives of CFIAgrotech are to strengthen Chile as an agri-food powerhouse, showcase the achievements and local production capacity, contribute to attracting new sources of financing and national and international actors, introduce new technologies, knowledge, and players to the market, exchange experiences and knowledge in a time of high demand for healthy ingredients and foods, as well as to rescue and bring to the country the experience and network of contacts from CFIA France and Agrobofoods Europe.

Paula Miranda, manager of CFIAgrotech, explains that the initiative will bring together around 300 exhibitors of innovation, technologies, supplies, and services for agricultural and livestock sustainability and the food processing industry. The fair, which will have indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, will take place at the Metropolitan Santiago, nominated as the “Best Meetings and Conferences Center in South America” at the World Travel Awards (WTA).

“In this event, we want to achieve a positive match between the supply and demand of the agri-food industry, giving space, in addition, to all the technological innovation that is revolutionizing the sector, both in our country and worldwide. We are convinced that interesting opportunities will arise for the generation of new businesses and the exchange of valuable experiences and learnings,” she emphasizes.

Main Innovations

“The strong component of innovation is one of the most relevant features of the First International Congress and Fair of Innovation and Technologies in Agri-Food, CFIAgrotech. For example, at the Congress, we will have speakers related to robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and digitalization, among other subjects, where we can learn about the main global trends.”

Regarding the fair, the executive explains that it will be divided into three areas: Sustainable Agricultural Production, Sustainable Animal Production, and Food Processing. The first two are focused on sustainable agricultural and livestock production, respectively, where technologies and innovation in agricultural and livestock production will be presented, including traceability, data science, ecological footprint and circularity, production efficiency, health, disease and pest prevention and control, certifications, and green financing.

Meanwhile, the third pavilion will be dedicated to food processing and value addition. Exhibitors will present products and services in areas such as sustainable ingredients and raw materials, packaging technologies, labeling and trends, food safety and quality, food processing and transformation technologies, biotechnologies, biomaterials, and new food matrices.

“The hallmark of this fair lies in the innovation and technology for the sustainability of a traditional industry that is constantly evolving. It is an event that represents all sectors seeking to build, invest, improve, modernize, and optimize production in the agri-food and agrotechnology sector to achieve sustainability in the agri-food industry,” explains Paula Miranda. “All of this makes the fair very attractive for exhibitors to come and present and commercialize their innovation and technology-based solutions, where startups and technological SMEs have a special space for dynamism,” she adds.

Regarding the visiting audience, she maintains that they aim for a diverse range, including professionals and representatives from companies across the agri-food value chain, both domestic and international, as well as entrepreneurs and startups, along with students and teachers from related fields, authorities, and leaders of trade organizations in the industry.

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