HappyAgro and its FirmPro brand join Smartcherry

HappyAgro and its FirmPro brand join Smartcherry

HappyAgro FirmPro
New technologies for the agricultural industry
HappyAgro FirmPro

Smartcherry, the leading platform for information on the cherry industry, welcomes HappyAgro and its product, FirmPro.

HappyAgro is a Chilean company that stands out for the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative solutions for the agricultural industry worldwide. Among its products stands out FirmPro, a revolutionary automated measurement system for the quality of cherries and other fruits, which consists of an instrument that currently measures firmness, size and color, and which incorporates advanced software for the acquisition and management of the data.

This system is also offered with training, technical support, maintenance and calibration service.

Contribution to agriculture

The purpose of HappyAgro is to help agro industrial development to bring the best fruit to the people. Its proposal is to provide a service of excellence, accompanying its customers in the development of their businesses, with a 24/7 customer service that is updated as the industry requires it. Furthermore, they are aware that the industry evolves and they have learned to evolve with it.

Among other products that stand out, is the Colorimeter, a FirmPro accessory, which captures images and analyzes the color of cherries, and the launch of the new FirmPro Portable; battery-powered version with Bluetooth connection that allows measurements “in the field”, as explained by the CEO and founder of HappyAgro, Robinson Gálvez.

“Laboratory measurement equipment is sophisticated, but we strive to make it as user-friendly as possible, both in terms of product design and user training and support,” adds Gálvez.

Commitment to precision agriculture and benefit for producers


HappyAgro’s solutions benefit those who participate in the fruit production chain, from planting to final consumption. “The secret to the success of our product lies in the implementation of our policy of continuous improvement, based on active listening to our customers, added to the use of the best manufacturing materials available on the market,” concludes Gálvez.

Motivated to achieve a greater positioning in the Chilean market and expand, the HappyAgro team has decided to join Smartcherry. This collaboration, according to the company, will increase the visibility of its products and explore new opportunities in the international market.


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