FirmPro: The technology of HappyAgro that seeks to help agricultural companies obtain the best fruit for their clients

FirmPro: The technology of HappyAgro that seeks to help agricultural companies obtain the best fruit for their clients

FirmPro HappyAgro
The company has one of the main instruments today
FirmPro HappyAgro

FirmPro is an instrument for measuring firmness, size and color of small fruits, developed by HappyAgro that revolutionized the fruit industry. Processes that were previously done manually by people and that took a long time, today can be automated thanks to technology, allowing the optimization of time in the fruit production industry.

According to HappyAgro CEO, Robinson Gálvez, “FirmPro was designed with a complete solution in mind, including everything necessary to use the equipment from the moment it is received, freeing the user from unnecessary technical complications. Data output is in an Excel spreadsheet, but it can also be connected to other pre-existing computer systems of the client. It captures high-resolution images and processes them to calculate the average color of each individual fruit. In addition, each image is stored as a digital countersample.”

This tool is highly valued by clients, since it allows them to standardize the parameters in the reception of fruit quality and obtain a report with the results in real time. Through FirmPro technology, fruit producers streamline their processes.

One of HappyAgro’s main clients is Aurora Australis, who invested in HappyAgro’s technology from the beginning, acquiring four FirmPro and four Colorimeters in 2021, which increased as the company grew, now reaching the sum of seven complete devices in their laboratories.

In that sense, the Quality Assurance Manager, Gianinna Salazar, assured that “when thinking about new technology, the first thing that was visualized was to standardize the parameters in quality reception, mainly because we used another instrument to measure firmness that had limitations for; there was the availability of specialized people, which limited the possibility of having the same professional each year, due to the high market demand for this position. In addition, there was variation in the data obtained due to errors in manipulation. Another important point for us was to have the result of the report available, both for the operational area and for the producer, in the shortest possible time, to help with decision-making. Finally, the third reason for acquiring FirmPro was the need, due to the pandemic, to supply missing people and reduce costs in the reception area.”

Another of the main advantages of FirmPro is that it has an intuitive interface that is quick to learn, which also allows the incorporation of new functionalities via software updates. For the CEO of HappyAgro, this is one of its main virtues, “at HappyAgro we wanted to develop an instrument that can be used easily and that only means improvements in processes, for this reason, our service also includes training and support to our clients. Even the feedback from our clients is very significant for us to adapt to their needs and, if necessary, create new options, such as the Colorimeter, for example.”

On the other hand, Salazar summarized that this technology has allowed them to obtain “more consistent labels in the market, a better batch-to-process planning program and greater confidence in the results.”

HappyAgro and its fruit technology is revolutionizing the industry. The Chilean company continues to expand its horizons and today it already has 127 clients in Chile, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands and China.

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