French cherry production on the rise: weather and regions analysis

French cherry production on the rise: weather and regions analysis

12% more than in 2023...

“As of May 1st, 2024, French cherry production for the 2024 campaign is estimated at 37,700 tons, which is 12% more than in 2023 and 23% more than the average harvest from 2019 to 2023,” according to Agreste, the French Ministry of Agriculture’s statistics department. This increase applies to all production regions.

These production forecasts are subject to change depending on weather and sanitary conditions between now and the end of the harvest.

Production is up in all regions, especially in Occitania

“In Occitania, production is expected to be well above last year’s level (+21%), which was affected by bad weather. So far, the weather has been favorable in the Garonne Valley and Roussillon, with good flowering.

In the Gard, rain on the blossoms has had a slightly adverse effect on potential, while surface areas are up 2% from last year. In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, surface areas dropped by 4% from last year, following grubbing-up due to sanitary and climatic difficulties over the last few seasons. Flowering has gone well, and the tree load is satisfactory. The first cherries (Burlat variety) should be harvested a week earlier than in 2023. With no weather hazards to be expected at this stage, and despite the drop in surface areas, the production should be up 10% from 2023, which was affected by bad weather.

In PACA, flowering has been abundant, but recent windy spells have slowed pollination. Surface areas are expected to drop slightly, as the orchards are replaced by other varieties. Production is expected to be up 10% from last year, and a few days earlier than in 2023.”

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