Why are cherries the leading stars of the Chinese New Year?

Why are cherries the leading stars of the Chinese New Year?

chinese new year
chinese new year

The Chinese New Year (CNY) marks a before and after in the cherry campaign, as it is prior to this celebration, which in 2024 will take place on February 10, when the greatest increase in sales of this popular fruit occurs. 

Until week 2, according to the report from the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association, 74,519,358 boxes of 5 kilos have arrived in China, led by the Lapins varieties (34,116,473), Santina (17,347,854) and Regina (10,899,956).

Other countries like Australia for example, are also experiencing an export boom, with large-scale shipments to cities like Xi’an. In regions like Tasmania, cherries are estimated to have a total output of around 4,300 metric tons with an expected export volume of approximately 2,000 metric tons, being China the main commercial market.

This year, the CNY will be celebrated almost 20 days later than in 2023, allowing producers more time for cherries to reach their destination before the holidays.

The leading star during CNY

Cherries play a significant role in Chinese New Year celebrations and are associated with various auspicious symbolism. Although traditions may vary by region and each family, here are some reasons why this delicious is considered so important this time of the year: 

  1. Good Luck Symbolism: In Chinese culture, cherries are believed to be bringers of good luck and prosperity. Their bright red color, which is associated with fortune, joy and positive energy, makes them especially appreciated during New Year celebrations.
  2. Representation of a new stage and hope: The cherry, when blooming in spring, symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle and renewal. During the Chinese New Year, we seek to leave behind the worries and problems of the previous year and welcome new opportunities and experiences.
  3. Auspicious for family: Cherry is associated with harmony and family unity. During the holidays, sharing cherries with loved ones is considered an auspicious gesture that strengthens family ties and augurs a year full of love and prosperity.
  4. Wishes for abundance and good fortune: Like other red foods consumed during Chinese New Year, cherries represent the pursuit of prosperity and abundance in life. Tradition dictates that consuming red foods will attract good fortune and happiness.

It is important to note that practices and meanings may vary between different regions of China and Chinese communities around the world. The cherry, in this context, becomes a vibrant and delicious symbol that contributes to the festive atmosphere and the desire for prosperity in the new year, which is why the Chinese fill the markets and retailers in search of this precious red fruit, which is a fundamental part of CNY.


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