Cherry season in California: Interview with Antonia Sánchez

Cherry season in California: Interview with Antonia Sánchez

Get an exclusive peek into the world of California cherry production.

Interview with Antonia Sanchez, International Technical and R&D Manager at Bloom Fresh.

From overcoming seasonal challenges to optimizing postharvest care, discover how one of the most important states for the cherry industry in the United States is preparing for a season that promises good results.

UPDATE: “The California Cherry Estimating Team has been meeting weekly since April 4, and has estimated a total fresh crop of 10,245,000 – 18-pound boxes. The first cherries were harvested on Friday, and we anticipate a steady increase in production through the month of May with peak production May 21 through June 5. As the industry enters its period of peak production size and quality are significant factors for a strong retail marketplace.” CA Cherry Board April 22nd 2024

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