USA: Northwest growers sharing good news on cherry crops

USA: Northwest growers sharing good news on cherry crops

Projecting crops 50% larger than last year, bigger fruit size and warm weather accelerating the fruit development.

The Northwest cherry growers had a Board Meeting last week, including representatives from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Montana, and said the 2023 season has great potential, projecting crops 50% larger than last year and bigger fruit size.

“After reviewing degree day build up, bloom timing and potential fruit set on our trees; the industry believes that there is potential for a crop of 19.9 million 20 lb. boxes. This would constitute a 50% increase in crop size as compared to the 13.3 million box crop we saw in 2022,” said in a press release published by Blue Book.

Additionally, only two weeks ago they were expecting a delayed season. However, in recent days the warm weather is speeding up the fruit development.   

“The flowering was delayed by about two weeks, but the temperatures we have had are accelerating the development,” explained few days ago Bernardita Sallato, Tree Fruit Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor at Washington State University.

Washington, California and Oregon are the leading cherry producing states, reaching about 90% of the country´s production.


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