TOMRA Food presented upgrades and new solutions for the fruit industry at Fruit Attraction 2023

TOMRA Food presented upgrades and new solutions for the fruit industry at Fruit Attraction 2023

For the third time, TOMRA Food, specialist in technological solutions for the food industry, participated at the Fruit Attraction Fair. Alongside their partner ICOEL, the company presented new solutions and upgrades in their softwares, and they announced that great news will soon come.

Within the framework of the Fruit Attraction 2023 fair, held last week in the city of Madrid, Spain, TOMRA Food presented new updates and advances in its technological solutions, aimed at the food and post-harvest industry. On this occasion, they were accompanied by ICOEL, specialists in processing, automation solutions, packaging, material handling and traceability of fruits and vegetables, and TOMRA integrated commercial partners.

Roberto Ricci, Regional Sales Director for EMEA in Tomra Food, explained one of the reasons for the company’s success is related to their presence in different industries such as mining and recycling, an attribute that allows them to share diverse technologies and solutions that at the same time, can enhance the food industry. 

“Together with ICOEL, our integrated partner for Cherries all over the world, we are presenting our division systems, our technology and our integrated solutions. Regarding our division system we have new upgrades this year on softwares for the users, that are more friendly in its interface, and also we are increasing the speed of the machines. This is what we have right now for the northern hemisphere, and that we will also have in the upcoming season in the southern hemisphere”, he added, announcing that soon, they will also have more news to share.

But how does the technology of TOMRA Food translate into help to farmers and growers?

The executive explains that the core of their technology is in the design and adaptation of sensor-based food sorting, which was a very important need in the past for our customers in order to detect the size, the color and the quality, something they successfully achieved. And now the new needs are related not only to the rate of the fruit, but to assign each piece of fruit to the right destination so nothing is wasted. “We want to make sure that our customers’ deliveries are what their final customers are expecting, something that our technology can ensure, adding value for them”.

On the other hand, Bruno Stravato, General Manager of ICOEL, shared that their mission is mainly to guarantee the best solution while they remain close to their customers, even after installation, so that they can provide the best support to their needs when it is necessary “Today the collaboration is stronger than ever, especially in the cherry business where we have great success. The proof of this success can be explained very well from two different projects; one is the biggest cherry solutions in Europe, made in Italy last year, and the other is the one that we are just installing now in Chile, and these two projects, have the same equipment and technology and the same mission, again, give to the final customer the best solution we can and stay with them and help them to reach the best results”, he concluded.

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