Smartcherry Supplier Portal: Global Exposure for Cherry Industry Providers

Smartcherry Supplier Portal: Global Exposure for Cherry Industry Providers

Smartcherry, the leading online platform for the cherry industry, has launched a worldwide Supplier Portal within its Smartcherry World platform. This exciting development aims to offer a new way cherry industry suppliers connect with potential customers and expand their businesses on a global scale.

With the introduction of companies’ mini sites, cherry industry suppliers will now have a dedicated space within the Smartcherry World website to showcase their products, services, and expertise. This feature allows them to create a personalized online presence that highlights their unique offerings and differentiates them from competitors.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Supplier Portal within Smartcherry World, as it opens up endless possibilities for cherry industry suppliers,” said Jorge Tello, Co-founder of Smartcherry. “Our platform has always been committed to promoting the cherry industry and supporting its growth. With the addition of mini sites, we aim to provide a dynamic and interactive space for suppliers to thrive, expanding their customer base and exploring new business opportunities worldwide.”

Smartcherry is also welcoming the first partners joining to the portal: TOMRA FOOD, the International Fruit Expo and Avium. Visit the Supplier Portal to know more about them!

One of the major advantages of having a mini site within Smartcherry World is the worldwide exposure it offers in the cherry and fruit industry. Suppliers can showcase their range of products & services, including product images, videos, testimonials, and relevant information to attract potential customers.

For more information please contact:

Claudia Barriga 

Customer Manager


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