Serbia: “It looks like it will be one of the most successful cherry seasons”

Serbia: “It looks like it will be one of the most successful cherry seasons”

The cherry production in Serbia was good this year, says Igor Milenković, director of Serbian fresh produce exporter Delta Agrar: “In 2023 we’ve reached a higher cherry harvest in comparison to previous years. In the current ongoing season, we expect a total production of about 400 tons of cherries. This is three times higher than it was last year, which can be attributed to the more favourable climate conditions we’ve experienced this season. For our cherries, the main export markets are in European countries, mostly the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.”

Although the cherry season appears to be a successful one, the season wasn’t without its challenges, Milenković explains. “Currently, it looks like it will be one of the most successful seasons for our company, with the projected quantity of 400 tons, which is about 50% higher than last year. Until now, we have collected and delivered 100 tons and we’re very satisfied with the quality and overall condition of the cherries. That said, this year’s production of cherries didn’t lack of any challenges; spring frosts, a greater quantity of rainfall and the humidity are some of them. Thankfully, our system is equipped with protective films, used as protection from external factors, but even besides that we’ve had unfortunate weather conditions, which impacted the chemical protection of fruit.”

Milenković is confident in the expertise of his company, as they’ve modernized the process as much as possible: “Our company has the biggest and most modern cherry orchards in Serbia, as have 35 hectares available. All of our storage facilities are designed, constructed, built and operated in accordance with HACCP. There are a couple of other smaller producers, which we’re helping by sharing our knowhow to increase their production standards. We don’t expect that there will be major changes with our competitors,” he concludes.

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