Port of Barranquilla and Fedefruta sign MoU enhancing fruit market logistics

Port of Barranquilla and Fedefruta sign MoU enhancing fruit market logistics

Port of Barranquilla, through its president René Puche, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Fedefruta (Chile) to enhance the movement of fruit cargo to and from the Colombian facility. This collaboration aims to optimize the logistics chain with strategic routes, such as the Panama Canal.

The agreement was formalized during Fruittrade 2023, an international event held in Santiago, Chile, which brought together key figures from the industry to discuss technological opportunities and producer relationships.

“We signed this agreement that we have been working on for approximately six months. The idea was to formalize the memorandum of understanding for logistics services through Fedefruta, thus enhancing the market with Chilean fruit. The objective is to seek benefits and greater efficiency,” stated Puche.

He added, “For us, the opportunity to be at this event is very important. We attended some talks with former ministers alongside the presence of Fedefruta. We are here to offer new logistics alternatives, allowing Chilean fruit access to another market.”

Regarding the Panama Canal’s situation, Puche concluded, “It’s important for Colombia because it’s a route that makes us more efficient. Colombia is a country that has grown significantly in its port capacity, and Barranquilla is no exception.”

On his part, Jorge Valenzuela, President of Fedefruta, commented, “Any entry into Colombia is interesting, and the goal is to have these strategic partners. I’m glad that there are more ports so that we can distribute our products.”


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