Italy: What does one of the largest wholesale markets in EU look like?

Italy: What does one of the largest wholesale markets in EU look like?

Italy is one of the biggest players in the global fruit and vegetable market. In 2022, the volume of just external trade in fruits and vegetables (fresh, dried, and frozen) in Italy totaled $11.6 bln (exports of $5.9 bln and imports of $5.7 bln).

It had 2.5 bln euro of annual turnover. For comparison, Ukraine had a turnover of $1.5 bln in external trade ($400 mln of exports and $1.1 bln of imports) a year before the russian invasion. Uzbekistan and Georgia have even less significant trade: in 2022, their turnover in fruits and vegetables amounted to $840 mln and $350 mln, respectively. The comparison is even more impressive when adding the internal trade turnover, which is as well much higher in Italy!

Centro Agroalimentare Roma is one of the centers of fruit and vegetable trade in Italy, provides the largest platform for wholesale trade in the country, and is the third-largest wholesale market for agricultural produce in the EU in terms of trade turnover and space.

On July 10, 2023, EastFruit, together with the participants of the FAO Investment Days, took part in the business tour to the wholesale market in Rome. Below you will find a short photo report, which allows having a look at the center of the fruit and vegetable trade in Italy during one of the hottest periods of the year.

The wholesale market from an aerial view:

Trucks in a rush of entering the market territory:

The fruit and vegetable pavilions inside:

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