IFresh-China: Promoting cherry industry integration

IFresh-China: Promoting cherry industry integration

Showcasing the strength and background of the cherry industry in China, the 4th IFresh Cherry Expo was held at the Beijing Guoce International Convention and Exhibition Center. The leaders of the Beijing Municipal Government visited the exhibition, which is taking place simultaneously with the 9th International Cherry Symposium.
Leaders of the Beijing Municipal Government Visited the Fourth China Cherry Expo.

The 4th IFresh Cherry presents the latest development situation and future development trends of the cherry industry in China, promoting the development of the country’s agricultural economy and the integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. The Expo provides a platform for on-site communication and resource links for the national cherry industry.

Fran├žois Laurens, President of the International Horticultural Society, accompanied by Zhang Kaichun, Chairman of the Cherry Branch of the Chinese Horticultural Society, visited various exhibition areas in detail to exchange ideas with exhibitors and learn about the latest developments in the industry in China.

This exhibition brings together numerous domestic high-quality cherry brands, mainstream channel merchants, and equipment manufacturers from different regions, creating opportunities to share experience, exchange technology, and connect with business on site.

At the expo, various cherry varieties and brands were unveiled, while also showcasing cherry deep processing products and advanced post-harvest processing technology.

“By increasing interest through technology, digitization, and gamification, and operating drones for medication, while significantly improving efficiency, it increases the joy and sense of achievement of workers, breaks the stereotype of heavy and boring agricultural production, and enhances the interest of young people in engaging in agriculture,” said Tong Meng, from Jinguo Tiandi (Beijing) Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengcheng Cherry, Hanyuan Cherry, and Zhuo Cherry were specially promoted, while Liu Mingqing, from Jiugeng Agriculture in Sichuan Province, brought a unique flavor of Wenchuan sweet cherries, which were planted according to organic standards throughout the entire process, attracting the attention of many industry insiders.

The Expo organizers stated “IFresh has been deeply involved in the field of fruit and vegetable exhibition planning for many years. Whether it is the first exhibitor to cooperate with Asia Fruit Fair or the exhibitor who has established a long-term cooperative relationship, they highly appreciate the meticulous and thoughtful service provided by Asia Fruit Fair during the preparation process of the 4th China Cherry Expo. In the future, the Asian Fruit Association will continue to focus on the field of fruits and vegetables, improve digital platforms, and provide high-quality services for domestic and foreign fruit and vegetable enterprises.”

Cherry Culture Promotion Exhibition Hall.

At the entrance of the exhibition, the organizing committee has specially built a Chinese cherry culture exhibition hall, from cherries in ancient books and poetry, to modern cherry production areas, cherry picking, and cherry storage methods.

The exhibition area of this Cherry Expo is 3,000 square meters, with 120 exhibitors from all over the country participating. It has attracted 1,200 participants from domestic and foreign cherry production, planting, processing, storage, distribution, sales, and research institutions to visit, consult, and purchase. More than 300 media came to the scene to participate in the coverage.


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