Discover the incredible program CherryTech is bringing this year

Discover the incredible program CherryTech is bringing this year

The event will offer three interesting discussion forums and three master classes, led by renowned advisors and academics Luis Valenzuela, José Ignacio Covarrubias, and Carlos Tapia.

Fifteen leading industry specialists will gather on June 18 at the Sun Monticello event center to bring the second edition of the largest technical event in the cherry industry: CherryTech 2024, to life. Accreditation for the important event, which will bring together various actors in the cherry industry, will begin at 8:30 AM, followed by the first master class conducted by the renowned advisor and cherry production specialist, Carlos Tapia.

“This time, we will analyze the main factors that have influenced the productive potential of cherry orchards during the past seasons, updating important data on climatic and physiological factors. Additionally, we will update the latest research on agronomic management and its impact on production potential, with a thorough look at the recent season, in which the Avium team conducted an interesting analysis of what happened,” previewed Carlos Tapia, technical director of Avium, about his master class “Update on Key Factors in the Productive Potential of Cherry Trees.”

CherryTech 2024 will feature two other master classes; the first of which will be led by José Ignacio Covarrubias, Agronomist Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D., and professor at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Chile, who will present on: “Nutritional Strategies to Improve the Quality and Condition of the Fruit.”

“We will discuss some nutritional strategies that are ideal for improving the quality and condition of the fruit. We will talk about calcium, a nutrient essential for building firmness, among other quality variables. We will see how calcium is absorbed, transported to the fruits, and understand, with data, the right time to apply calcium, the dosage, etc. We will also talk about potassium, another crucial element in various quality variables, such as fruit size, caliber, soluble solids accumulation, color, etc.,” explained Covarrubias.

“From Root to Fruit: Productive Stability and Quality in Cherry Production” is the title of the third master class, which will be led by the advisor and fruit-growing specialist, Luis Valenzuela.

“My presentation at CherryTech 2024 will emphasize what is not visible; under this concept, I refer to what happens with the roots, their development, and importance in the production process, the relevance of irrigation, dormancy, and its impact on the different plant processes, fruit buds, their cycles, etc.; all aimed at enhancing productive stabilization and caliber, which are the main challenges in cherry production today,” said the advisor.

Forums will address interesting current industry topics

Additionally, three forums will provide relaxed conversation spaces among different industry actors. The first will be: “Post-harvest Procedures and Management. What is the Final Consumer’s Opinion and the Critical Points to Address?” moderated by Héctor García, co-founder and manager of Diagnofruit Laboratories.

This block will feature four panelists: Pamela Osorio, quality and sustainable development manager at Ranco Cherries; Francisca Barros, post-harvest specialist and co-founder of Trío Kimün; Nicolás Zamorano, independent consultant for Asian markets; and Raúl Orellana, post-harvest specialist and head of research and development of new varieties.

“In addition to the post-harvest forum, we will have two other discussion spaces moderated by the founder and technical director of Avium, Carlos Tapia: “Availability, Management, and Efficient Use in Cherry Cultivation” and “Rootstocks for Cherry Trees: Update and Characteristics of Rootstocks and Experiences of the Last Decade.” Both forums will feature top-tier panelists who will enhance the discussion and analysis,” said Marie Bach, general manager of Yentzen Group.

The forum on “water” will feature panelists Tomás Vicente, Regional Manager of Wiseconn and board member of the Irrigation and Drainage Association, Agryd; Lucas Ferrada, advisor specializing in plant nutrition and soil management; and Francisco Contardo, journalist, executive director of ComunicAgro, and director and host of programs such as “Managing Water” and “Sustainable Chile Feeds” on agricultural and water topics.

Meanwhile, the forum dedicated to “rootstocks” will have a panel consisting of three prominent cherry production advisors: Walter Masman, Ricardo Miño, and Jordi Casas.

With less than a month to go until the most important technical event in the cherry industry, which expects to gather over a thousand attendees for the second consecutive year, there are very few tickets left. Tickets can be obtained at


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