Chile: New frontal system affects central-southern region

Chile: New frontal system affects central-southern region

Following the frontal system and floods recorded last June, a new frontal system is affecting the central-southern region of Chile since this weekend, particularly the Maule, Ñuble, and Biobío regions. Authorities have requested the evacuation of certain areas due to river overflows.

The government is monitoring the Biobío River, which has experienced a higher rise than the one observed in June. Likewise, they are closely tracking the Perquilauquén River in the Ñuble Region, the Cachapoal and Tinguiririca Rivers in O’Higgins, and they indicated that “all watercourses in Maule are being monitored.” This last region is Chile’s main producer and exporter of cherries.

The Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, along with emergency teams, have been in the field to monitor and provide support to agricultural sectors.

Support for Maule’s Agriculture

With the purpose of addressing the needs of farmers in the Maule region, the Foundation for Agricultural Innovation (FIA), an Innovation agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, organized a Technical Territorial Innovation Workshop titled “Agronomic Management of Soil and Crops after Floods.” It is a series of talks conducted by experts from the University of Chile, scheduled to take place on Friday, August 25, at the University of Talca, Campus Curicó, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

The workshop’s goal is to share knowledge and information regarding the productive damages and negative impacts of rains and floods on the agricultural sector in the affected areas. Additionally, it aims to provide technical recommendations and agronomic management measures for the recovery of soil and crops inundated by river floods, as well as for future prevention of associated diseases.


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