Chile: Global Cherry Summit gathers 1,000 people from 12 countries

Chile: Global Cherry Summit gathers 1,000 people from 12 countries

Organized by Yentzen Group and the Cherry Committee of Asoex, the 4th Global Cherry Summit was a successful event that brought together the cherry industry around four important topics: productivity, logistics, promotion and trade.

Almost 1,000 people, including representatives from 300 companies, participated in this event that took place in the Sun Monticello Conference Center, located 60 km from Santiago, Chile, on April 20th, 2023.

The Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (Asoex) opened the Global Cherry Summit 2023 highlighting the positive recent cherry season for the Southern Hemisphere and emphasized the challenges that the Chilean industry will have to face.

The Executive Director of Asoex Cherry Committee, Claudia Soler, said: “We must not rest. Our sector faces relevant challenges at the productive, logistical, commercial and promotional levels. The high volumes of exports push us to continue working and although we represent 97% of the Southern cherry exported, we do have competition: Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.”

The President of Asoex, Iván Marambio, also stated the cherry industry “must be alert”. “We can not repeat what we faced with Chilean grapes and blueberries, we must therefore keep investing in the product and its promotion. We ask the government to promote the brand ‘Chile’, the success is based on what our country represents, we must highlight the quality attributes of our fruit.”

The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, commented the important role of exporters: “We must recognize what has been done, we know the sacrifice that any process implies. At the same time, we want to recognize both the work of the Chinese ambassador in Chile and the work of the business associations, which gave certainties to develop a great campaign.”


The 4th Global Cherry Summit had top-level speakers, who addressed the following topics:

● Analysis of Southern Hemisphere cherry exports 

● Market analysis: United States and the European Union

● China 2.0: New challenges and opportunities

● Logistics panel: Navigating a new scenario

● Leaders’ vision: Challenges and future opportunities

Delegations from 12 countries attended the event, including an important group from Argentina, led by Anibal Caminiti, Manager of the Argentinean Chamber of Integrated Cherry Producers.


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