Chile celebrates the beginning of a new season with the cherry blossom

Chile celebrates the beginning of a new season with the cherry blossom

In an activity that brought together different authorities and prominent local producers, a new season began and the details are already being prepared for the massive export to China, but also with the idea of ​​expanding to other nations.

The cherry trees in Chile have already begun to bloom, a perfect opportunity to start a new season in the country. Local authorities, accompanied by the ambassador of China, the country with the largest export of cherries, met to visit one of the orchards and delve into the close relationship that both nations have and that they hope to continue strengthening in the coming years.

“The export of Chilean cherries has been a large part of our treaty, since they export close to 90% of the fruit to China, which has brought great benefits for producers and exporters, and on the other hand, it also enriches the conception of the people, the consumers, especially at the time of the Chinese New Year, it is the perfect gift for family and friends, its red and dark color, as well as its sweet flavor, augurs good luck in our culture and symbolizes a good life for the new year.” said the Chinese ambassador, Niu Qingbao.

The representative of the Asian country highlighted as well the quality of the product and the packaging with which it arrives in the country, demonstrating the internalization that producers have made regarding Chinese culture and habits.

Regarding the trade between both countries, the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Esteban Valenzuela, foresees growth for the coming years, where consumers are expected to increase and relations will become even closer. “Our cherry industry is the world leader and we are capable of providing a high-quality product that is sweet and flavorful to the country that buys the most from us, which is China, but also to all of Asia, and certainly to different markets that fortunately, they have been diversifying, thanks to the work of the national industry and also ProChile.”, he explained.

As for the next campaign, the president of ASOEX, Iván Marambio, pointed out that there are 10 strategic axes for fruit exports, all applicable to cherries; However, in this crop the fundamental points are: logistics, promotion and the phytosanitary aspect.

“In cherry the fundamental points are, of course, logistics, promotion in the Chinese market, which is our main market; and I believe that the third axis is phytosanitary, which is essential, especially in a year like this that is rainy. [… ] In the case of China we think that we will be able to open a port in the Beijing area, therefore the diversification of ports is very important”, he added. 

Finally, he explained that the country is currently going to 24 Chinese cities, 4 of them of great potential, which makes them their main focus, along with other countries in Asia and the world, where they hope to continue expanding.


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