CFI Agritech concludes successfully after three days of exhibitions

CFI Agritech concludes successfully after three days of exhibitions

CFI Agrotech 2023
The CFI Agrotech 2023 concluded successfully its first edition held in Chile.
CFI Agrotech 2023

The fair, which took place on October 24, 25 and 26, brought together various exhibitors from different parts of the world to address the latest trends and developments in the agricultural world, and analyze the challenges and technologies that will be seen in the coming years.

Currently, Chile is established as one of the countries with the greatest agricultural tradition, with large trading partners such as China. Without going any further, in the cherry industry, the country is the main exporter in the world, which is why this became the perfect opportunity to connect providers of solutions based on technology and innovation for sustainability in Agro-Food, with professionals from the main producing companies at national level.

The technology of the future

One of the topics discussed that caused great interest in the public was related to the arrival and application of new technologies and their capability in the management of tasks such as the selection of cherries when these are harvested, for example, as Patricia Maraboli, agronomist, engineer and cherry processing specialist at Dole Food Company, explained in her presentation. 

On the other hand, agricultural robotics was also analyzed, this time by Erik Pekkeriet, Program Manager of Agro Food Robotics at Wageningen University & Research, who added that robots will be the future in the business, due to their ability to collect data, prevent hazards and optimize short and repetitive tasks.

Both explained that far from being afraid of the use of technology, people and producers should understand it as an aid to improve productivity and, therefore, results. Thus, the event was an opportunity to exchange knowledge, meet peers and hear from food industry experts firsthand.


Official visits

On the other hand, during the second day of the event, the XIX version of the National Agro Meeting (Enagro) was held, attended by several authorities, including the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, and the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela. 

During his speech, the country’s highest authority expressed his support for the sector and emphasized the joint responsibility, both of the public and private sectors, and of citizens in general, to maintain and care for the environment, giving as example, the major problems of water and forest fires (most of them intentional) that year after year affect various areas of the national territory, concluding that the recent time has been sweet and bitter for the sector and calling for collaboration.

Gabriel Boric, President of Chile and other authorities

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