What should cherry producers pay attention to at this time of year?

What should cherry producers pay attention to at this time of year?

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As cherry season approaches, producers are urged to remain vigilant and adaptable to fluctuating environmental factors. Carlos Tapia, a renowned cherry specialist and technical director of Avium, underscores the importance of monitoring phenological changes closely during this critical period.

“With various scenarios potentially impacting cherry production, such as fewer hours or just enough hours of cold accumulation, it’s essential for producers to stay informed and responsive,” emphasizes Tapia. “Phenology accelerates and decelerates based on environmental conditions like temperature and relative humidity. Therefore, continuous monitoring is vital to ensure optimal crop development.”

Tapia advises producers to establish proactive phytosanitary programs while remaining flexible in their strategies. “By staying attentive to phenological progress, producers can adjust their approaches accordingly, ensuring both the normal development of the crop and effective pest management,” he explains.

As cherry producers gear up for the season ahead, Tapia’s advice serves as a timely reminder of the importance of adaptability and vigilance in navigating the challenges of changing environmental conditions.

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Source: Interview with Carlos Tapia, available on Smartcherry TV


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