Liu Baofeng: 17 years importing fruits into Chinese market is also a TikTok influencer

Liu Baofeng: 17 years importing fruits into Chinese market is also a TikTok influencer

The founder of Brother Xiaobao Company operates mainly durian but planning expansion to cherries, blueberries, avocados and more. With local and international providers, the company es also looking at new markets as Chile, Australia, and the United States. They will be part of the International Fruit Expo 2023 this September 1-3 in Guangzhou, China.

Liu Baofeng is the founder of Brother Xiaobao Company, with 17 years of experience in the import fruit industry. Brother Xiaobao Company was established in Shouheng Wholesale Market in Hebei in 2019, and currently has around 200 employees. In 2022, the transaction volume reached about 3.5 billion yuan, two-thirds of which were Southeast Asian fruits, and one-third were western products.

Through the efforts of the new media department, Brother Xiaobao has established a professional image in the industry by relying on the promotion of TikTok (with about 30,000 followers) and Kuaishou. “Every day, we use cameras to record our daily fruit sales in the market, so that everyone can remember who I am, where I am, what products I have, how big the scale of the company and volume are, and what services we can provide.” The continuous output of daily content is the key for Brother Xiaobao to establish a professional image in the industry. The slogan “We don’t have mines at home, we just have a lot of durians!” has also attracted more and more people’s attention to this durian professional.

As Brother Xiaobao’s slogan promotes, durian is the main item that Brother Xiaobao mainly operates. “Of course, in the future, we will also focus on expanding cherries, blueberries, avocados, plums, citrus fruits and other fruits.” Currently, Brother Xiaobao’s team mainly purchases goods from Guangzhou Jiangnan Market or Shanghai Huizhan Market, and is expanding a stable source of first-hand overseas goods. Chile, Australia, and the United States are all areas that Brother Xiaobao hopes to develop in the future.

Brother Xiaobao stated that it is very much looking forward to the International Fruit Expo 2023. The exhibition’s professional booths gather buyers and sellers together, making it easier for everyone to communicate and negotiate directly with the business. “I also participated in this exhibition in 2021, and the overall feeling was very shocking. Because almost all the leading domestic brands in the industry were there, the atmosphere was very good. However, unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, those foreign suppliers were unable to come. This year, the pandemic situation has been eased, and I am very much looking forward to face-to-face communication with exporters!”

Regarding the plan for this year’s exhibition, Brother Xiaobao said: “We hope to have our own booth, and through pictures, videos, and text, introduce the transaction volume and product range of our company, so that upstream brand owners and suppliers can pay attention to us, see us, and hope to have further cooperation with them.” He further introduced the advantages of Shouheng Wholesale Market in Hebei: “Shouheng Wholesale Market in Hebei is the largest wholesale market in the north, which can reach Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and parts of Northeast China. Its throughput and transaction volume are amazing. We are confident that our import volume will increase year by year in the future.”

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International Fruit Expo is an exhibition dedicated to showcasing the best fruits from around the world to the Chinese market. The expo brings together two major business associations in China, as well as leading enterprises and buyer channels that are representative and influential in China. This ensures that participants have direct access to the Chinese market and can make valuable connections with potential buyers.

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