Kaikang: 16 years innovating in food packaging

Kaikang: 16 years innovating in food packaging

The 2023 International Fruit Expo will be held in China, September 1-3, and Smartcherry is meeting up with the main products and services exhibitors, to bring a preview of what the fair will be. For more information about the Expo visit en.fruitexpo.cn

Kaikang Machinery joined the fruit packaging industry in 2007 and “making food healthier” has always been the objective. With their own production factory -which integrates components processing and equipments development- they already have 16 years of experience in fresh-keeping packaging.

The company has established close partnerships with numerous domestic fruit companies and together accumulated extensive experience and technology in fruit packaging. “We have assisted many fruit producers in entering the market and solving the challenges they face in long-distance transportation and fruit preservation,” the company proudly said.

What makes your company stand out from others in the fruit industry market?

We have large practical experience in both, long-distance preservation packaging of fruits from their origins and preservation packaging of deep processed fruits. Fruits, unlike other meat products, are still alive after picking, thus facing more preservation challenges. Kaikang not only has professional fruit packaging technology, but also accumulates laboratory packaging data for various fruits. We can quickly solve various preservation problems encountered by different types of products.

Addicionally, based on the sales headquarters established in Shanghai, Kaikang Machinery has conducted nationwide sales and after-sale services layout, and can arrive at the site as soon as possible to provide good service to customers. We also have the ISO9001:2000 international quality certification.

What are the main challenges your company faced in the fruit industry market and how did you overcome them?

The cultivation of fruits in our country has the characteristics of a wide variety and scattered production areas. Many high-quality fruits production areas are facing the challenge of long-distance transportation while still maintaining their flavor. Although Kaikang Machinery has accumulated rich data on preservation packaging, there are still a large number of fruits from different regions facing various preservation challenges and how to go global issues. Kaikang Machinery will continue to deepen its efforts in the fruit field, gradually launching customized and personalized preservation and packaging solutions for different categories and market demands.

What new products or services will your company reveal at the 2023 International Fruit Expo?

We will bring several newly developed fruit packaging machines, suitable for producion areas, front-end warehouses, retailers, and fruit deep processing companies, providing more effective fruit preservation packaging for e-commerce, channel merchants, and supermarket stores. At this exhibition, we will also bring together the preservation technology application team and packaging material research & development team to provide in-depth technical consultation for industry customers, providing one-stop services from the conceptual design of product packaging in the early stage, to the final packaging molding.

What business opportunities does your company expect to gain from the 2023 International Fruit Expo?

With the opening after the epidemic, the entire market is conducive to the recovery and growth of the fruit industry, especially since the first half of this year, we have received a large number of new demands for fruit preservation and packaging from different types of customers. We hope to use the communication platform provided by the International Fruit Expo to widely support more fruit merchants with similar needs.

What do you expect the visitors of the 2023 International Fruit Expo to receive from your company and products?

We hope that throughout the display of the overall solutions, the visitors can not only know our brand, advantages, and services we can provide, but also can other fruit and vegetable processing companies understand the packaging methods that truly extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, the packaging of fruits and vegetables is not only exquisite, but also scientific, safe, and healthy. Kaikang, making food healthier, has always been our original intention when entering the food industry.

Take part in the 2023 International Fruit Expo!

International Fruit Expo is an exhibition dedicated to showcasing the best fruits from around the world to the Chinese market. The expo brings together two major business associations in China, as well as leading enterprises and buyer channels that are representative and influential in China. This ensures that participants have direct access to the Chinese market and can make valuable connections with potential buyers.

20+ countries&regions | 140+ Leading Players | 23,000+ m2 Exhibition Area | 8,000+ Trade Visitors

Registration is currently under way for the exhibition, closing at the end of May. If you are interested, please contact Iris Chen irischen@fruitexpo.cn

For more information visit https://en.fruitexpo.cn/


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