Beijing’s Xinfadi Market welcomes abundance of homegrown cherries

Beijing’s Xinfadi Market welcomes abundance of homegrown cherries

Time for local produce!

Amid rising temperatures, the Beijing Xinfadi Fruit Market is witnessing a shift in the cherry landscape, with domestic large cherries gaining ground as imported varieties gradually decline. Notably, in mid-March, significant quantities of domestically grown cherries arrived at the market, sourced primarily from greenhouse farms in Dalian, Yantai, and other regions.

Zhang Yuelin, the general manager of Beijing Xinfadi Market, highlighted advancements in technology and improved management practices as driving forces behind the enhanced quality of domestic large cherries. Attributes like Brix levels and firmness have notably improved. With the waning presence of imported cherries post-Chinese New Year, domestic large cherries swiftly captured buyer attention, catering to the demand for fresh produce.

Currently, the main hubs for domestically grown large cherries at Xinfadi are situated in Dalian and Yantai, predominantly cultivated within greenhouse environments, with the Meizao variety being prevalent. Fruit merchant Liu Wenpo of Xinfadi noted a significant surge in demand for domestically produced large cherries post-February. The top-selling variety, 4J, originating from Dalian, Liaoning, is priced around ¥140/kg. Liu mentioned, “The sales season for domestically grown large cherries can extend up to 5 months, typically until around June 1st.”

Tong Wei, Xinfadi’s marketing director, observed that domestically cultivated large cherries mainly come from the Bohai Rim region, making their mark in the market during spring and summer each year, while imported cherries dominate during winter.

Data from the General Administration of Customs indicates that over 90% of China’s imported cherries in 2023 came from Chile, with New Zealand and the United States being other significant sources. With ongoing technological advancements, premium agricultural products such as domestic cherries, blueberries, and strawberries are poised to capture a larger market share in the future, offering consumers more choices and presenting growers with both opportunities and challenges.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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